How to Style Polka Dot

I have a bit of an obsession with polka dots. I have so many polka dot pieces, from dresses to skirts to tops and shirts, you name it. In this guide, I'm going to show you how I like to style polka dots to give you some inspiration.

How to style polka dots


I'm starting with a pretty classic, calf-length polka dot skirt. I like to pair a skirt like this with something tight on top like the white vest I'm wearing here. I love how simple yet elegant the outfit is. If you wear polka dot pieces with things that are simple and one color, then you really allow the polka dot to become the statement piece in your outfit. To jazz up the outfit, I added a belt which is quite subtle, yet the metal buckle adds a nice feature. To finish it off, I've added statement earrings and a pendant necklace.

Styling polka dots


You can’t go wrong with a pair of polka dot pants; they give off a classic yet statemented look at the same time. I’ve dressed down these pants by pairing them with a wrap cardigan. Both pieces are quite loose, but the cardigan wraps around the waist, which pulls the outfit together. The cardigan is also super comfortable and cozy.

Clothes with polka dots

I really like mixing and matching prints, and I love a good polka dot on polka dot. The trick with doing this is not to use the exact same pattern. In this example, the pants have a pretty big polka dot print, and I paired them with a very subtle polka dot top. There is also an element of color contrast, one piece being black on white and the other white on black. One concern with polka dot print on the bottom is that they could make your legs look a little bit wider than they are, so you want to wear something a little tighter on top to elongate your legs.

How to wear polka dots


Remember that polka dot doesn't have to be just black and white. Here I've gone for a navy and white silk shirt. I really like the v-shaped neckline, and I like how the collar isn't your traditional button-down shirt style, so it's more feminine. The polka dot print on the blouse isn't too busy, making the top even more elegant and timeless. On the bottom, I'm wearing a pair of oversized beige pants. The beige color goes well with the navy. You could wear a blazer over this, and you could also pair it with a statement belt, as I've done here. Adding a belt helps accentuate your waist, but it also helps break up the top from the bottom and adds another layer to a simple outfit. You instantly look more stylish and put together.

Wear polka dots


Lastly, I want to show you a few ways to style a simple polka dot smock dress. I have a couple of dresses in this style, and I love them not just because they are super trendy but also because they fit every body shape and are so comfortable and carefree. Even without any accessories, they already look put together. For a polka dot smock dress, I recommend going for a more tight polka dot print like the one I'm wearing here, as this is very flattering on your figure. The first tip I have for styling this dress is just to add simple gold jewelry. I like how the pop of gold catches your eye with polka dot in the background.

You could go for a statement belt which adds more of a dramatic effect to your outfit. This instantly accentuates your waistline. You can also change up the look with different types of statement belts. Also, if your style is more subtle and classic, I would just go with your classic thin band belt.

You could also add a cardigan over the top to dress this down a little bit. The color of this one forms a great contrast with the dress, and because they're all neutral colors, they go really well together and create a casual and carefree look. You can also add a belt over your cardigan, which helps to accentuate your waist and also to secure the cardigan. I love the v-shape that this belt helps to create.

If you weren’t such a polka dot fan before you read this, I hope that I have now converted you. It’s such a classic print, yet there are lots of variations of it, so there are many options available to you.

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