Ways to Wear a Tiered Skirt: With Proportions and Variety

I wanted to experiment with ways to wear a tiered skit thinking about proportions along with including variety in my choices. For one option I even showcased two different lengths for my t-shirt.

But I didn't stop with just these 3 options. There is another outfit on my site that will give you even more ideas.

What is a Tiered Skirt?

These kinds of skirts are ones that are layered with fabric attached to each other. The layers can be of different widths and different lengths and even the material can be changed up. For instance, I wore a tiered dress that had 2 unique materials on it as part of our go-to Arizona looks.

Since tiered skirts are all the rage right now, I wanted to get one from one of my favorite online stores, eShakti. The advantage of this style in our hot summers is that they are super cool because you get airflow. Plus the length and silhouette make them easy to sit and move around in.

This exact skirt is still available on eShakti’s site for under $35. What I loved is how it’s lightweight and 100% cotton. I know it looks darker on their site, but in the daylight, it’s chambray blue. Don’t forget to use my link if you want $50 off your first purchase through eShakti.

Insider tip: BTW, if your tiered skirt is too long, it’s usually easy to take off one of the tiers and make it shorter.

Many women are put off by tiered skirts since they are more voluminous. I think that’s one reason I was attracted to this particular one as the top portion is flat.

Here is Lesley showcasing a tiered skirt also, but in a print, it’s not always as noticeable.


eShakti is known for the ability to customize their dresses to your particular likes/dislikes as well as sizing. They have expanded their selections now to include skirts, pants, and tops as well as dresses. You would think that the ability to customize the length of your items or even the fabric would be hundreds of dollars, but they make it affordable.

Again: I have a link for first-time purchasers to get $50 off their order. I’ve used this incentive in the past and the minimum is that you will pay $25. I consider that a fabulous deal. BTW, I receive a $25 credit if the link is used.

Considering, you could easily spend the same amount at a mass retail store and yet you wouldn’t have any customization included. Basically, I look at it as having the alterations done for you.

For example with this tiered skirt, you can customize the length of the skirt. I opted for the mid-calf length but you could make it longer or shorter.

There are other customizations also. For this particular skirt, you can have the pockets removed or add a zipper in the back.

I also noticed that for an extra fee, you can request different materials for the style of your item. This kind of customization makes it possible to have almost anything at your fingertips.

Insider tip: Yes, you can return items although I have heard from a reliable source, their customer service is slow in responding. If you are looking for even better deals, the returned items are available in the Overstock tab and are only available in a certain size. That’s why when I check this section, I filter it by size so I’m not disappointed.

Ways to wear tiered skirt with short top

Skirt: eShakti ~~ Top: Weston-Savers~~ Shoes: Pashion Footwear– won in a giveaway~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor ~~ Hat: Brooklyn Hat Co ~~Glasses: Glasses Shop

Wear Your Tiered Skirt with a Short Top

You’ve seen this outfit as part of a blog showcasing options for fabulous tops.

The idea of balancing out the volume of a tiered skirt means you want something shorter and/or tighter on the top half. For those of you who are trying to cover up a belly, don’t worry, this can work for you too. Did you see Charlotte’s example in our post about hiding a belly?

For a midi-length skirt like this one, a shorter top that ends just below the waistline helps with a proportion that looks better to our eyes.

This is when you might even consider a crop top. Just because it’s called a crop top doesn’t mean it’s too short. Read the measurements to find out. Most models are tall, so what is cropped on them is the right length for us shorter gals.

What I loved about this particular top that I thrifted, is that it’s a tad longer in the back than in the front. It’s also so full of color and details that there isn’t a need for many accessories.

Experimenting with ways to wear a tiered skirt

Skirt: eShakti ~~ Top: Naomi & Ruth Boutique ~~ Shoes: Jessica Simpson-DSW ~~ Belt: Savers~~ Earrings: Lobe Love ~~ Glasses: VooGlam

Tuck In Your Top

Many times when you see ways to style a tiered skirt, you will notice that the model has her top tucked in. That is for two reasons. One is to showcase and focus all eyes on the skirt that is for sale.

But secondly, it’s also usually the best proportion for the more voluminous bottom half.

Insider tip: Another way to shorten the proportions of your top half are to wear an off-the-shoulder top because then the top has a shorter vertical aspect in the overall look.

For this example, I not only tucked in the white, eyelet, OTS top, but I also added in colorful extras with my earrings, belt, glasses, and shoes.

BTW, wearing this shirt is made possible with my Gatherall bra that is not only strapless but also backless.

Knotting a long top for better proportions

Skirt: eShakti ~~ Top: Banana Republic ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Natalia” ~~ Earrings: Lobe Love~~Glasses: Glasses Shop

Tie Up Your Top

Now here’s where I wanted to showcase the shirt both ways. In my eyes, when you leave the t-shirt hanging out, it looks unfinished. And maybe you notice the difference in proportion?

The advantage of doing this is you make the shirt have something interesting about it, plus you can make it the length and tightness that you want.

However, you can find tops made this way also if you don’t like to futz with your clothes.

Insider tip: Knotting your t-shirt this way is easy with a clear elastic or hair tie.

4 ways to wear a tiered skirt

Don't forget to jump over to my site to see an entirely different way to style this tiered skirt.

I hope you feel more comfortable wearing this style now.

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