5 Cozy Autumn Outfits

Patricia B
by Patricia B

No matter what your plans are, getting dressed is the first step to starting your day. This tutorial is all about styling outfits that are cozy and comfy for staying at home but put together enough for leaving the house as well. These 5 autumn outfits just work for everything! Some are a little more dressy than others but either way, they are the perfect autumn looks to kick off your day! Check out how Patricia styled her autumn outfits below!

Cute autumn outfits

All about the cardigan 

For outfit number one Patricia decided to go with a little more of a dressy look. She’s wearing a very cute crop top and cardigan two-piece with a pair of black, high waisted trousers. The two-piece has the cutest, silver embroidery of moons and stars on it which always makes her feel cozy. Now some of you may be thinking this outfit is a bit too much for just staying at home but in today’s world of video conferencing, you sometimes do still have to dress to impress even if it’s from your bedroom. 

Add knee-high boots

Patricia decided to pair this look with some gorgeous, black knee-high boots, which of course do make this outfit a little more dressed up, but they just look perfect! If you don’t feel the need to dress this look up so much, it’s totally fine, you can always wear a pair of sneakers or even your slippers! 

Autumn outfits 2020

All about the faux leather leggings 

Outfit number two is definitely based on these gorgeous camel faux leather leggings. Patricia found a top that was almost the identical color and she just loves it! The matchy look definitely reminds her of loungewear sets and in the last couple of months, we have all definitely upped our loungewear game. She loves that this look reminds her of loungewear but is composed of ‘outside’ clothes that she can totally wear when leaving the house! 

Add ankle boots

She paired this outfit with my snake print ankle boots. It’s normally a struggle to find shoes that work well with faux leather but this is the perfect pair. She loves how the boots add color contrast to this outfit and draw the eye. 

Wear a sweater and jeans

All about the sweater and jeans 

Name a better combo than sweaters and jeans? You probably can’t because this is a style combination that can never go wrong! A sweater and jeans are Patricia’s happy place when it comes to clothes. This outfit always makes her feel good and cozy! The grey high-neck sweater works perfectly with her light wash denim jeans. She loves the pop of blue that these jeans add to her look! 

Add sneakers

Patricia loves wearing this outfit with a pair of clean, white sneakers. If she’s going out she usually adds a belt to just synch the look and add an extra element to pull the outfit together. 

Casual autumn outfits

All about the midi skirt 

Sometimes, even though it seems more dressy, Patricia loves wearing a midi skirt. Skirts and dresses are so comfortable and this leopard print midi skirt is one of her absolute favorites! She decided to pair this skirt with a white, mock neck sweater. 

Add black ankle boots

She paired this cute look with her black ankle boots. This shoe choice really does pull the whole look together. Even though wearing a skirt may seem a lot more dressy, this look is still cozy and comfy, and just perfect for autumn. 

Autumn aesthetic outfits

All about the sweater 

This last outfit is definitely one of Patricia’s all-time favorites. It’s one of those perfect looks that look so effortless and always work. When she first bought this sweater, she wasn’t so sure about it because of the V-neck, but now she is obsessed with it! For this outfit, Patricia paired the jumper with a pair of black faux leather leggings which are so comfy and on-trend. 

Autumn outfit ideas

She paired the whole look with an amazing pair of chunky, black biker boots. These boots are so easy to wear and style and they just go with everything! This is definitely a go-to rainy day outfit and it’s easy to just throw on and look good. 

Which of these cozy, autumn outfits is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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