Making The Most Out Of Winter Fashion

Sew Much Love Mary
by Sew Much Love Mary

Winter fashion is well in force, and with the colder weather, we can often feel at a loss when it comes to trying to be stylish. For me personally, the cold weather makes me feel lazy and I just want to live in fleece pajamas. :) I live in California, so it doesn't even get TOO cold (as in other states), but I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather.

Winter gives you so many opportunities to wear not only warm clothing, but also clothing that looks stylish. There are even styles that can only be worn in winter, such as comfy scarves and sweaters. Come rain or shine, you can look stylish this season, and so here are some of the ways that you can make the most out of it.


A hat and a scarf should be considered two of winters staples when it comes to fashion and style, and they can really add a pop of interest to your outfit. Personally, hats and scarves are two of my favorite accessories. From  chunky knit beanies to scarves, there really is a lot to choose from. Living in California, there are only a few winter days that I can really wear beanies and scarves, so I definitely make the most of those days! :)

COMFY SWEATERSOn the subject of chunky knits, this is the season to embrace all sweater styles. During winter, the chunkier and oversized the better! It is just something that works so well at this time of year. Plus, sweaters are so easy to style. Simply pick out your favorite and pair with some skinny jeans or skirts/legging combo, and boots. You can choose something neutral and understated, or be bright and bold with colors. 

LAYERINGWinter can often throw you a curveball with weather every now and again. One day you will find it starts off cold and gets sunnier with a hint of warmth in the air as the day goes on. Other days start off raining and end up with some sun. This is when  adding layers to your outfit can help you out. Not only is it practical, but it also looks very stylish! I seriously love layering. :)

BOOTSIt is the season to embrace all of the boots. This is one of my favorite things about fall and winter. Personally I love boots of all kinds, but especially for winter I like to wear my Bearpaw and UGG boots, since it is too warm the rest of the year to wear them. I love these two pairs since they each have a dainty and feminine detail added to them. The Bearpaws have that adorable pom pom and the UGGs have those cute little pink ribbons!

SKIRTS AND DRESSESFinally, you may think that winter means you need to wear pants and leggings all the time. This is a great style to go with, but it's definitely not your only option. You can still rock the dress and  the skirt at this time of year, and it can look cute! I paired a favorite spring tulle skirt with a sweater and some ankle booties for a winter Sunday morning. Don’t feel confined to wearing one style this season, you really can wear what you like, be warm, and still look cute.

I hope this has given you some fashion inspiration for the next few months ahead. :)

With sew much love,


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Sew Much Love Mary
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