How to Wear Necklaces With Sweaters: 10 Different Neckline Styles

This is going to be your ultimate guide to wearing necklaces with sweaters. Now, there are no set rules when it comes to styling and fashion. However, over the years, I've realized that certain necklaces are more flattering when worn with different styles of sweater necklines.

Today, I’m going to show you 10 different sweaters and how to style necklaces with each type of neckline. Let’s get started!

What necklace to wear with a V-neck sweater

1. V-neck sweater

With a V-neck sweater, the trick is to go for something dainty. I typically don’t like to layer more than two necklaces for a simple v-neckline. The neckline itself is sort of a necklace shape already.

A dainty pendant necklace goes well with this type of sweater. If I'm wearing two necklaces, sometimes I'll wear one in a higher choker style and one as a hanging pendant; or, one slightly higher than the other.

Make sure your pendant doesn't go too deep into the center of the V-neck. If it's too long, the pendant will get hidden in the sweater or the V of the necklace won't be parallel to the neckline, so the competing V shapes will clash.

The best necklace to wear with a v-neck sweater

You can also keep it simple by wearing one necklace; this is definitely a classic look! 

Wearing a statement necklace with a chunky knit v-neck sweater

2. Chunky v-neck sweater

The next sweater is a thicker, chunkier V-neck sweater. The key here is to match the volume of the sweater. You don’t want to pair it with a dainty necklace, but with chunky jewelry, as you see here.

I decided not to layer a second necklace, as this chunky necklace already has a lot going on.

The pendant is a heart shape, which naturally forms a V-shape at the bottom, making it flow with the V-neck as well.

Layering necklaces with a v-neck sweater

Alternatively, you could also go for a layered look. Here, I started with a chunky choker-style chain necklace, which balances the volume of the knit sweater. This would actually work well on its own.

On top, I layered a longer pendant necklace. What makes this work is that the pendant of the second necklace is larger, so it matches the chunky sweater and chain necklace.

I love the feminine pendant juxtaposed with the edgy choker.

What necklace to wear with a crew neck sweater

3. Crew neck sweater

For a crew neck sweater, I think the best jewelry pairing is a Y-shape necklace. Since I’m wearing a simple neckline, you can get crazy and creative with the pendants.

Also, because this sweater is dark, you can opt for a shiny necklace with diamond details, so it stands out.

How to wear a choker necklace with a crew neck sweater

I don’t recommend wearing a choker with a crew neck because it can look too much and make your neck look shorter. If you want to wear a choker, balance it with a Y-shape necklace. 

Styling a statement necklace with a chunky crew neck sweater

4. Chunky crew neck sweater

As before, if you have a chunky crew neck sweater, wear a chunky necklace. Bonus if it’s Y-shaped! Statement necklaces will work best with this sweater style. 

The cream color of the sweater pairs well with the rustic color of the gold here.

Wearing a chunky chain necklace with a crew neck sweater

Even though I don't usually recommend wearing chokers with crew necks, something like this (chunky on chunky) actually looks stylish and creates the perfect balance. 

It almost looks like the necklace becomes part of the sweater. To make this work, the necklace should really cover the neckline of the sweater, so that it blends in well.

If you have a shorter neck like me, this look may not be the most flattering, but I still like wearing this combination sometimes.

The best style of necklace to wear with a turtleneck sweater

5. Turtleneck sweater

The following style is a thin turtleneck or roll neck. This is where you can go wild with layering your necklaces! When it comes to layering, I like to have necklaces of different lengths and end with a pendant.

Playing with different textures and thicknesses can go a long way. The turtleneck neckline is round, I like to pair it with a rounded short necklace, so it’s coherent with the neckline.  

I'm actually wearing two necklaces, but it looks like three. The top necklace is one layered piece. If you're not confident pairing necklaces and layering different lengths, you can go for a necklace that comes pre-layered.

How to wear a necklace with a high turtleneck sweater

6 High-neck sweater

A high-neck turtleneck is an entirely different story. As you can see, I have no neck because of the chunkiness of the sweater, so a longer Y-shaped necklace helps elongate my neck.

Again, I’m going with a statement necklace for balance.

How to wear necklaces with a cardigan

7. Cardigan

When wearing cardigans, a simple dainty choker is great because the cardigan itself already opens up the neckline. If you want to show off your collar bone, chokers are a great choice.

You can also layer this look with a lovely pendant necklace; just make sure it’s not too long and doesn't go beyond the clothing under your cardigan.

What style of necklace to wear with a bow neck sweater

8. Bow neck or off-shoulder sweater

If you’re wearing a bow neck or something off the shoulder, then a long V-shape necklace is an excellent idea. It helps balance out the proportions on your shoulders, drawing attention to the necklace and elongating your neck. 

In contrast, a choker would further extend your neck area widthways and make your shoulders look broader.

Not wearing a necklace is also a good option. This allows your collarbone and neck to be the focus, which looks really elegant.

How to accessorize an asymmetric sweater

9. Asymmetric sweater

Similarly, I also don’t recommend wearing a necklace for asymmetric sweaters. The asymmetry already adds interest to this area.

Wearing a necklace with an asymmetric sweater

However, for those who want to be daring and add a hint of hardware, go for something that will perfectly blend in with your sweater.

This chunky choker does the job well because it's such a statement, just like the asymmetric neckline. It even looks like it could be part of the sweater. 

The key is to make sure that your necklace doesn't cross over into the neckline detail of your asymmetric sweater because that will look distracting.

How to wear necklaces with sweaters

10. Collared sweater

Lastly, if you have a collared sweater, then I recommend something dainty and in a choker style. You don't want to compete with the exaggerated collar. If you are wearing a choker, I don’t recommend zipping your collar up, which will make your neck look shorter.

How to wear necklaces with sweaters

Those are some flattering ways of wearing your favorite necklaces with sweaters.

Let me know in the comments if you found this tutorial helpful and what other styling topics you'd love to see in the future. Thanks for joining!

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