Styling a Long Cardigan

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Who else feels like they are walking around wrapped in a cozy throw blanket when you wear a long knit cardigan?

They are so cute and for sure stylish.

You can dress them up or down! Sometimes I’ll even throw one over my gym clothes, so I at least appear to have my life together when I have to run errands before or after my work out!

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Ever buy a trendy clothing item and then wonder what to do with it? I’m the same way! Also, what works for one persons style may not work for another! Here are a few ideas for how to style a long cardigan.

Leggings and a graphic tea are my go to comfy clothes! You can pair this with boots, chunky sneakers, booties. I’m not a huge jewelry person, but this look is super cute with chunky necklaces, bracelets, flashy earrings.

Faux leather leggings can be used to dress your cardigan up. You can pair this with a cropped T, cropped sweater, booties, combat boots, or even your chunky tennis shoes.

Flare leggings are so trendy right now! These are a velvety flare leggings. I love to pair this with a band tea and some western style booties!

This look is crazy easy! I prefer to go all black either with leggings and a cropped top or biker shorts and a cropped top. I’ve seen lots of people get this same look with those one piece jumpsuits. BTW… these are my all time fave shoes 😍.

If you were struggling with ways to style your cardigan hope this helps 😘. Be sure to give me a follow on Amazon so you don’t miss out on my new looks and lives!

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