How to Tie the Perfect Bow on Tie Front Tops

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford
2 Minutes

Tie front tops have become really popular lately. With their delicate details, it's a cute way to add an extra feminine touch to a look. However, sometimes it's really hard to get the bows to align and look just right. That's where this trick will solve your problems!

Start with your ties untied.

Next, start by creating the first tie.

However, instead of tying it as usual on a horizontal axis, twist the tie 90 degrees to face the vertical axis. The ties should be straight up and down.

Now tie your bow as usual, but keep the initial knot in the orientation as just described. When you pull the bow tight, pull along the vertical axis.

You can now adjust the bow and make sure that each side is even.

Here is the final result! The bows will always sit nice and straight and even and won’t shift during the day. This is a quick and easy trick to keeping your bows looking perfect!

This will work for tying bows on other types of clothing and accessories too.

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