How to Wear Lilly Pulitzer in Fall

Well y’all, Monday is officially fall which means…the high today is a brisk 86 degrees! To balance out some fall content with Florida weather I decided to bring you a Lilly Pulitzer classic. I can wear all my Lilly as is. But I know there’s many Lilly lovers out there who are sadly packing up their Lilly Pulitzer for the fall and winter. If that’s you, STOP right there! Today I’m showing you how to wear Lilly Pulitzer in Fall. After all, you have to wear your After Party Sale purchases somehow, right?

How to Wear Lilly Pulitzer in Fall – 3 Ways

There are so many different ways that you can wear Lilly in Fall. The key to it all is with layers. Layer under, layer over, layer both ways. They probably won’t keep you warm enough to walk outside for hours, but it’s a great way to transition into fall. And it certainly will keep you warm enough in the office.

Button Down Under a Lilly Shift

I’ve seen Lilly Pulitzer styled like this over and over. It’s the perfect how to Wear Lilly Pulitzer in Fall solution. All it takes a a button down under a classic shift and you’re good to go! It makes the shift dress even more timeless than it was before. Perfect for work, or grabbing coffee with a friend. You can also get funky by mixing prints! Be careful though, Lilly Pulitzer prints are already very bold and don’t always play well with others.

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Blazer Over a T-Shirt Dress

This is a total no brainer to make every summer to fall outfit transition easy. Even if you have one blazer you can make this work. Clearly it doesn’t just have to be with a T-shirt dress, but any dress. I just really like the way this Lilly Pulitzer Brewster dress looks with this blazer. Need a little pattern in your life? Add some printed shoes!

Shop the Look: Lilly Pulitzer Brewster Dress // Blazer // Similar Bag

Vest over a Quarter Sleeve Dress

Honestly the most simple solution of all. Some of my favorite Lilly dresses are their quarter sleeve Marlowe. They are so comfortable and aren’t constricting at all. To complete the look and make it perfect for fall, just add a vest. My favorite vest are those that are reversible. Also in case you didn’t know, Lilly Pulitzer also makes vest AND they’re reversible. It’s a win win.

Shop the Look: Sophie T-shirt Dress // Puffer Vest

Put it Together and What have You Got?

A basis for a whole new fall wardrobe! Never store that Lilly for fall or winter again. Just utilize the easy summer to fall transition and you’ll have enough outfits to last you well into next summer. Wasn’t it easy to learn how to Wear Lilly Pulitzer in Fall?

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