Turn Your Satin Button Down Into a Crop Top for Summer

2 Minutes

Looking for new ways to reinvent items in your wardrobe with minimal effort and stylish results?

If you have a satin button down, I’ll show you how to turn it into a no sew DIY crop top in a few simple steps. Just follow along with me.

Before photo

1. Partially button your shirt

Start by wearing your button down as usual.

Keep the highest button open, then button the next 3 or 4 buttons, leaving all the rest unbuttoned.

Partially buttoned shirt

2. Cross your buttons

Next, grab the lowest button hole and bring it up to meet the highest button, at the collar. Put that button through the hole.

Crossing buttons

Then, do the same thing on the other side, meeting the bottom button to the top hole. Then make sure the fabric lays flat.

Crossing buttons

DIY crop top no-sew hack

That’s literally all there is to this crop top hack. The result is a polished, unique top that’s perfect for summer. 

DIY crop top no-sew hack

Here’s the top from the back:

DIY crop top no-sew hack

I hope you enjoyed this easy hack to turn your satin button down into a crop top! Leave a comment.

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