How to Style Yellow

I personally don't see a lot of people wearing yellow on the streets. I feel like it is a color that people might be intimidated by but fear not because there are lots of ways to style yellow, no matter if you want to make a statement or if you want to just add a small pop of color. Yellow is a beautiful and happy color, and I'm going to give you some advice on how you can wear it and make the color work for you.

Style yellow outfits

There are so many shades of yellow out there - we've got cyber, lemon, fire, royal, gold, mustard. In addition, did you know that cream, as well as beige, are also part of the yellow color family? Let's not forget Illuminating, which is the yellow shade that Pantone chose (together with Ultimate Gray) as the 2021 color of the year. Pantone wrote that the yellow represents creativity, fun, cheerfulness, optimism, enthusiasm, impulsivity, happiness, clarity, energy, and enlightenment, and who doesn't need those things in their life right now?

How to style yellow outfits
Style yellow
How to style yellow

How to wear yellow


Here I am wearing a mustard yellow set. A shade like this is a very subtle way to introduce yourself to the color yellow. It almost feels a little bit tan/beige color from afar, and I love that it matches very well with the ivory white stitching. If you feel like a set like this is too much, then you can obviously separate the pieces out and wear them with different things.

If you want to be a little bit understated, the perfect color to wear with yellow is white. First of all, white is already the color of the pattern on this set. But also white blends really well with this light mustardy yellow, they look very natural together, and neither color stands out too much.


If you really want to be bold and stand out from the crowd, go for bright neon pieces. Here I'm wearing a lemon-colored sweatsuit set.  


To bring a bright yellow back down to earth, pair it with denim. This way, you can get your bright pop of color and also have a more balanced, everyday look.


Black and yellow is another classic combination. Black works as a dark background so that the yellow can really pop and shine. Just think about the flame of a candle burning against a dark background.

If you’re still not sure whether yellow is the right color for you, then you can always go with pieces that have yellow hints and incorporate yellow into your wardrobe that way. These pants have a subtle yellow and blue floral print.

Another way to incorporate yellow into your outfits is with accessories, whether this be a bag or jewelry. I love this stunning floral bag which is perfect for the summer and has lots of touches of yellow on it. Gold jewelry also works well with yellow as the colors blend together nicely.

I hope that I've given you some food for thought. There are lots of different shades of yellow and you can discover which one you like best. Whether you're looking to stand out or blend in, and whether you want to make yellow the centerpiece of your outfit or just feature it in your accessories, there is something out there for you.

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