11 Simple Sewing Hacks That Are Pure Genius

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Follow this tutorial to learn some sewing hacks that are pure genius, whether you are a sewing beginner or a sewing professional. Most of the tools used for these sewing hacks you probably already have. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Foam toe separators
  • Spice bottles
  • Wooden thread holders
  • Mini iron
  • Thread conditioner
  • Sewing clips
  • Colored pens
  • Pinking scissors
  • Stitching tape
  • Salt and vinegar
Using toe separators to store bobbins

1. Use toe separators – yes really!

Simplicity starts with organization. If your sewing bobbins are getting all tangled up together, then foam toe separators are your answer!

Just insert your bobbins in the toe spaces and then line up your toe separators in a plastic case. Now all your bobbins are kept separate, and you can easily find the one you need.

Using spice bottle to store sewing supplies

2. Spice bottles for storage

When you’re a sewer, either beginner or professional, your sewing notions seem to multiply rapidly. Use spice containers to organize and separate them.

Clear containers make your notions easy to identify and grab when you need them. If your spice containers come with a spice rack, use that to keep your new notion containers well organized.

Storing thread spools on a thread holder

3. Use a thread holder

You can buy special wooden stands for holding all of your spools of sewing thread, and they make life as a sewer so much easier!

If your sewing area has a special decorative style, paint your thread holders to match.

Using a mini iron to press edges

4. Get a mini iron

Sewing necessitates a lot of frequent ironing and pulling out an iron and ironing board can get tedious. Instead, get a mini iron to keep nearby when you’re sewing. This tip will save you time, energy, and space!

Using thread conditioner to stop tangling

5. Use thread conditioner

This ingenious little gadget will stop your thread from getting knotted if you are hand-sewing or doing embroidery.

Thread conditioner lays a protective layer on your thread to keep it from fraying and tangling as you use it. All you have to do is thread your needle and then pull it through a thread conditioner gadget.

Using sewing clips for thicker fabric

6. Clips instead of pins

When you are working with thick or heavy fabric, use sewing clips instead of fighting with pins. It will make your life so much easier!

Tracing with two markers for seam allowance

7. Trace with two pens

If you are tracing anything onto fabric to make a pattern, try this trick. Use two different colored pens, side by side to trace with.

That gives you two parallel tracing lines, one that is the edge of the pattern piece and the other the outer edge of your seam allowance. Brilliant, right?

Placing duct tape under the press foot

8. Sewing hack stay straight with duct tape

If you are a sewing beginner and you have trouble sewing nice straight lines, place a bit of duct tape on the plate under the presser foot to mark where you want the edge of your fabric to be.

It’s a much better guide than the etched lines on the plate.

Using pinking shears to prevent fraying

9. Use pinking scissors

Pinking scissors (sometimes called shears) cut your fabric with a zigzag edge. That kind of cut will help keep your fabric from fraying when it is cut.

Using stitching tape for hand sewing

10. Get even with stitching tape

If you are hand stitching anything, like a hem, for example, and you really want to make nice even stitches, try using some lined stitching tape. Just follow the guides on the tape and you’ll have a perfect row of stitches.

Cleaning an iron with salt and vinegar

11. Clean your iron with salt and vinegar

No, I’m not talking about what to put on your fries when you finish your sewing project! I’m actually recommending that you keep your iron clean with a mixture of salt and vinegar.

Check the Internet for a salt and vinegar cleaning recipe that you like.

Sewing hacks that are pure genius

Sewing hacks that are pure genius

I love sharing sewing tips with you and I hope these 11 sewing hacks make your life easier. Let me know in the comments which were your favorite or share your own sewing tips and hacks. Thanks for joining!

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Suggested materials:
  • Foam toe separators
  • Spice bottles
  • Wooden thread holders
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