The Easiest Way to Load Your Bobbin

Keya Harper
by Keya Harper

I’m going to show you guys the easiest way to load your bobbin. Did you know that your machine is equipped with a top-loading system to load your bobbin for you? Let me show you how.

Tools and materials: 

  • Sewing machine
  • Empty bobbin
  • Thread
Putting the empty bobbin in place on the loader

1. Put the empty bobbin in place on the loader

Take your empty bobbin and fasten it into the bobbin loader at the top of the machine. It’s usually right next to the spool of thread.

Winding the thread

2. Wind the thread around the tension disks

Take the thread from the spool and follow the arrows on the top of the machine. Wrap the thread around the tension disks according to the arrows.

Stepping on the pedal

3. Step on the pedal to load

Wrap the ends of the string around the bobbin a few times to get it started. Your machine will have a mechanism to click the bobbin in place.

Once this is done, the string will wind onto the bobbin when you step on the peddle. The machine has a mechanism to stop the threading once the bobbin is fully loaded.

Easy sewing hack

Easy sewing hack

There are a few different ways to load a bobbin, but I find this one to be the easiest and most efficient. Is this how you load your bobbin? If not, give it a try. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this method. 

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