A DIY Cape to Design and Wear Now...5 Simple Steps...Chic and Cute!

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I have a wool lap blanket - a beginning knitting project - it's a bit small, but knitted with lots of love. In stunning black.

Sadly, it sits folded in a linen closet...tired and all alone.

What about turning this LAP BLANKET into a CAPE???

The Cape can't be Frumpy, Feel Heavy, or Restrict Movement.

Let's Go!

The knitting stitches are tight. The wool is soft. The all-over black is very fashion on-trend.

Wool for knitting a lap blanket...Amazon LINK.

The blanket is a simple rectangle...53 inches long.

33 inches wide.

Here is the BEFORE...the LAP BLANKET.

A DIY CAPE in 5 Simple Steps...


For the CAPE - a 33 x 53 inch wool knit blanket.

For the NECK TIE...Cotton Roping.

Cotton Roping...Amazon LINK.

Step 1: Make the Neckline of the CAPE.

Fold over one long side of the rectangle. Place the Roping inside the fold to create a channel.

Pin in place to create a Channel for the Roping to fit through.

Step 2: Sew the Channel for the Roping in place at the Neck of the Cape.

*** I tried the sewing machine first...major fail!!!

The knitted blanket is too bulky to sew with the machine.


I was ready to bag this project, but the hand sewing was fast, easy to do, and stayed steadfast in place.

It was actually even a bit relaxing to sew the channel for the neck tie.

Step 3: With the Channel sewn, Pull the Roping through the channel to create the Ties at the Neck of the Cape.

Step 4: Measure the Roping and Cut to Fit.

The Roping is the fun design element of the Cape...I want enough roping to make a big tie at the neck.

Cut the Roping....the roping extends to the bottom of the Cape...about 33 inches.

Knot the ends of the Roping to prevent fraying.

Step 5: Gather the Neckline...Pull the Ties...Fasten into a Bow.

The REVEAL...Wool Blanket to Cozy Cape.

One 33 x 53 inch wool knit blanket.

One sewing seam.

One piece of roping.

Let's Test the Cape in the Winter Cold...

The Front of the Cape...

The Back of the Cape...

Dramatic and Very Sassy...

Perfect for a Mini-Snow Day!

Staying Warm, Cozy, and Chic in a Dusting of Snow!

For all the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Wool for knitting   (Amazon)
  • Cotton Roping   (Amazon)

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