Turn an Oversized Sherpa Coat Into Something Fitted and Stylish

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Let’s face it - winter coats can look bulky and literally balloon around your body. If you have a sherpa jacket, you will know how the struggle is real in this case. Why don’t you give your sherpa coat a new look and feel to it? A fitted sherpa coat? Yes, that’s right! You can transform your sherpa coat into something more trendy in a few easy steps!

Tools and materials:

  • Old sherpa coat
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Elastic
  • Chalk
Old, baggy sherpa coat

Fitted sherpa coat

Pin the waistline

Put on your coat. Invert it so that the front part is on the inside and pin the waistline. This will give you a guideline for your next step.

Women’s sherpa coat

Draw lines

On one side of the sherpa fleece coat and using a measuring tape, draw 6 lines on the inside, where you marked your waistline with a pin. Use a ruler and chalk to do this. Measure around 1-inch between each line. Next, repeat the step for the other side.

Long sherpa coat

Sew on 6 elastics

Once your 6 lines are in place, sew thin, black elastics along each line. So you would need 6 elastics for each side. Remember to sew the elastic while stretching it, so it gives a stretchy look. Also, use a straight stitch for these.

Camel sherpa coat

Do the middle part

Once the sides are out the way, go ahead and repeat the process for the middle part. Carry on the same lines as you did for the sides. So, there’s no need to measure or draw lines for this step.

Shortening Sleeves

This step is totally optional but oftentimes, if you have a big, baggy coat, then chances are the sleeves are long. You can easily fix this by doing a few modifications. If your sleeves fit right, then skip this part.

Sherpa fleece coat

Cut part of the sleeves

Put the jacket on ( after you have modified the waistline). Pin down the new length of your sleeves, with sharp scissors cut them off. Don’t worry about cutting a straight line because part of the sleeve will be folded and stitched.

How to shorten sleeves

Shorten the sleeve length

This is a cool trick! If your sleeves have short straps, simply cut them out and take out the button.

Add the straps and button

Reattach the straps and button

Now, reattach the straps to each side of your shoulder. Then, Sew the button on the end of each shoulder part.

Sherpa shortened sleeve look

Now your sleeve is taken in a little with the help of these straps and buttons! Talk about a good idea, right?

Stitch seams

Stitch the seams

Stitch the rim of each sleeve opening. I opted for the same style in the original version of this sherpa coat. Fold the hem and stitch around it, creating a bubble-like fold that stays consistent with the coat’s stitch.

Beautiful sherpa coat

Front view sherpa coat

Wasn’t that easy? My camel sherpa coat is now transformed and looks amazing on my body. It gives just the right definition and curve. You can also wear this as a cute dress during springtime. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

Suggested materials:
  • Old sherpa coat
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
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