Make a Super Comfy Poncho, NO Pattern Needed!

by Koetiquemade
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I love ponchos. They are basically a blanket with a hood and pretty much perfect for cooler weather. It doesn’t get too cold for very long here in my neck of the desert. So coats, warm fuzzy sweaters and gloves are not items that I need in my wardrobe. However I did want something warm to wear should the need arise. I was able to make this cute double layer poncho using 2 yards of flannel and 2 yards of fleece fabric.

The Fabric!

I found Both of my fabrics at Joann. I love the huge selection of flannel available to me there. I can find almost any kind of flannel print. Their fleece selection is decent too. It goes on sale pretty often so I was able to get there for about $3.99/yard.

Let's Get Started!

It’s really easy to do. First get your flannel and cut it to the length you want it. Mine was going to be just long enough to cover my booty. Then I cut a “raindrop” shaped circle in the center big enough to fit your head through. The point is the front and the more flat side is the back.

I also cut two, mirror image hood pieces as well as a pouch pocket. I just grabbed and old sweat shirt and eyeballed the hood and pocket to make my own. 

Once you have the flannel the way you want it, use it as a template to cut the fleece fabric the same. I didn’t put a pocket on the fleece part because I planned on wearing it to the inside. I did cut out a hood using the flannel hood as a template.

Attching the Pocket!

Be for I attached the pocket, I folded the edges in ½ inch and stitched the slanted sides in place. That’s the opening for your hands.

Then I attached it to the flannel in the area I wanted it. Before you sew it on though, try it on to make sure it's in the right place. If you have a fun pattern like this you can try to match the print for the pocket. That’s what I did and it makes the pocket almost invisible, which is kind of fun. I attached it to the front of the poncho leaving the slanted sides open for my hands. 

Attaching the Hood!

I placed the two hood pieces right sides together and sewed it making sure to leave the front and bottom open.

Then I put the hood and the Flannel poncho right sides together matching the hood back seam with the middle back of the poncho first. Then I pinned it all the way around and sewed it together.

I did the same with the fleece part too. I had what looked like two hooded ponchos. I just needed to put the two layers together now.

Putting the Layers Together!

I made sure to match up the fronts and backs on the flannel and fleece and placed the right sides together. I pinned it in place all the way around the outside rectangle and left the hood part open. The hood part was left open so that it could be flipped right side out once it was sewn. 


Here's a better look of it pinned around the outside edges. You can see the hood right here in the middle. Just leave it alone for now and don't pin or sew it. That will be done next.

Flip it Right Side Out!

Once it was sewn, I flipped it right side out through the hood. I made sure to poke the corners all the way out for a nice straight finished look. If you want to do a top stitch all the way around the outside edge you can, but I didn't.

Finish the Hood and Neck!

Once it was all flipped right side out I matched up the hood edges. I turned both the edges of the fleece and the flannel in 1 inch and pinned in place. I did this all the way around the hood and the front neck lines. Once all raw edegs were turned in and thoroughly pinned in place I sewed it.

This is what It looked like once the hood was sewn. You can see here that I sewed it pretty close the edge of the hood. Wah-Lah! Your Poncho is done!

The Finished Look!

I absolutely Love this poncho! The faux wood fabric and contrasting plaid fleece is so fun.

You can see it also gives me plenty of booty coverage too.

I have made roughly 7 of these this year to give as gifts to all my little nieces and nephews that live in colder climates. They absolutely love them and I do too! It’s like wearing a blanket. It was high time that I had one for myself. What are some of your favorite things to wear when it gets colder? Tell me in the commentsicon

Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards fleece   (Joann Crafts)
  • 2 yards flannel   (Joann Crafts)
  • Scissors
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  • Kate Kate on Jan 07, 2022

    Way cute

  • Jody Price Jody Price on Jan 09, 2022

    Can you sew up the sides? Your poncho is cute cute cute with your beautiful hair!

    • Koetiquemade Koetiquemade on Jan 11, 2022

      Oh wow, thank you so much! You can definitely adjust this more to your liking. I wanted more of a traditional poncho style, which has open sides. I have made swim coverups like this out of just a jersey knit where I sew up the sides and just leave a small opening for my arms. Super easy and fun too!