Compromised Jeans to Cozy Favorites…It’s All About the Quilt Patch

3 Materials
30 Minutes

I Love these Jeans…Ripped, Torn, and Compromised, but So Very Trendy. 🙂

The Jeans are Easy to Wear and So Comfortable. I Wash and Wear them lots.

Jeans. Amazon LINK.

BUT after a short time, the Jean Fabric is Worn Through and Everything Begins to Show.

Skin. Underwear. And More Skin.

HMM…Not a Great Look.

I hated to Toss them. So I Went to Phase Two. Old Quilt Squares as Patches!

Of Course, Patching Jeans has been around for absolutely forever.

BUT…Here’s the TRICK…

I Patched the Holes in the Jeans with Fabric Squares AND the Quilt Batting!

The Quilt Square Fabric is Thin, but the Batting Gives the Patch Added Oomph.

The Quilt Patch with Batting Easily Stands Up to the Heft of the Jean Material.

What to Do: From an Old Quilt, Cut Out Patches to Fit the Size of the Worn and Holey Spots.

This Upper Thigh Section was “Factory-Made” but the Jean Fabric was about to Wear-through.

The 2-Square Quilt Patch fits the space and adds Strength, Durability, and Colorful Fun.

Pin the Quilt Squares and Batting in Place. Top-stitch to Firmly Secure.

If you Don’t have an Old Quilt to Cut Squares from, Try Quilt Squares and Natural Batting…

Quilt Squares. Amazon LINK.

Natural Cotton Batting. Amazon LINK.

Trim the Extra-raggedy places and thread bits.

Quilt Squares and Batting add a Bit More Life to Faded, but Oh So Comfy Jeans.

With Crazy Color and Fun Mixed Patterns at No-Extra Cost!

Go to Doodle T and Me! for all the Magic! Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:

  • Frayed Jeans   (Amazon)
  • Quilt Squares   (Amazon)
  • Natural Cotton Quilt Batting   (Amazon)

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