4 Cute and Easy Cottagecore Hairstyles for Medium to Long-Length Hair

Yulia Astrea
by Yulia Astrea
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Hi, everyone! I can’t wait to show you guys some of my favorite cottagecore hairstyles. These are four really easy and simple hairstyles that anyone with medium to long-length hair can do. All you need is some hair ties and bobby pins, and you’ll be all set! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Bandana

Cottagecore hairstyle 1:

making a low ponytail

1. Put your hair in a low ponytail

The first one is just a staple within cottagecore style, but it can be a little tricky if you don't know this little tip. This trick is what makes it the easiest hairstyle in the whole world to do. First, put your hair back in a really low ponytail. You can keep it super loose; it doesn't have to be really tight. This is just to keep your hair out of the way.  

folding the bandana

2. Fold your bandana

Next, take your bandana. I’m using a full-size bandana, so it’s really big. Just fold it in half the long way to make it a triangle. 

folding the bandana

If it's still too long, you can fold it on the top to make it a tiny bit shorter.

cottagecore hair accessories

This is what you should be working with after you finish tying it.

tying the bandana

3. Tie your bandana

Place it on your head first so you know where you want it to land, and then tie a knot right behind the ponytail. This is great because it doesn’t get all that hair stuck in the knot when you do it while your hair is down. 

cottagecore hair

Take your ponytail out, and you’re all set. This is the easiest way to do it, and I was so happy to find this tip online.

Cottagecore hairstyle 2: 

parting her hair

1. Part

Part your hair into two equal parts. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

braiding her hair

2. Braid

Do a simple braid on both parts.

cottagecore hairstyles long hair

Once you finish, you can fluff them up a little bit to make them wider and bigger.

pinning the braids

3. Pin your braids

Next, take the ends of your braids and pin them underneath the other braid so it’s not peeking out. Now, you have tiny little loops for your hair.

cottagecore hair

This looks very complicated, but it’s pretty easy to do, and I love to do this as a cute look.

Cottagecore hairstyle 3: 

cottagecore hairstyles long hair

1. Grab the front sections 

First, grab the two front sections of your hair. This should be about a few inches of hair from the front. You can grab more or less depending on how thin or thick your hair is. 

tying a ponytail

2. Tie a ponytail

Pull these sections into the back and tie a small ponytail.

cottagecore hair accessories

3. (Optional) Add decorative hair tie

You can leave it there, but I like to add a cute, decorative hair tie on top. You can also use a scarf, bandana, or even a scrunchie.

cottagecore hair

Here’s the finished look!

Cottagecore hairstyle 4: 

cottagecore hair

1. Twist the front section back

Take a small section at the front of your hair, and start twisting it up really close to your hairline. As you twist, slowly add in more hair, and just twist until you reach the back of your ear.

cottagecore hair

Tie off to keep it in place as you do the other side. 

cottagecore hair

2. Tie the two sections

Once you finish twisting both, tie the two sections together.

cottagecore hair

3. Flip the ponytail

In order to hide the hair tie, create a hole above the hair tie and flip the ponytail through it.

cottagecore hair

Here’s the finished look! This hairstyle is really, really cute. 

Cottagecore Hair Tutorial

I hope you guys enjoyed these cottagecore hair styles and try them out for yourself. This is the perfect time to be experimenting with new looks. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Suggested materials:
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Bandana

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