14 Cozy Fall Fashion Outfits That Are All About Comfy & Casual Vibes

Regine Morales
by Regine Morales

The leaves are falling and it’s sure getting a little nippy outside. The fall season is here and that calls for cozy fall fashion! In this style guide, I’m going to put together 14 of my fall fashion favorites, inspiring you to look your best when the weather is a little cooler.

From heels to miniskirts, here are 14 comfy, casual fall outfits.

High-waisted pants with a turtleneck

Fall look 1

High-waisted pants are the in thing, and they are great to accentuate your waistline and curves. I paired it with a red turtleneck, black pointy heel boots, a black belt, and a tan jacket. 

Sexy fall fashion outfit

Fall look 2

This sheer and sultry look is fantastic for a date night. I paired this brown faux-leather miniskirt with a sheer black lace top, black tights, and knee-high boots. 

Fall outfit with a cozy scarf and jacket

If the weather is a little colder than usual, layer a cozy scarf and leather jacket to complete the look. 

Monochrome fall fashion favorites

Fall look 3

I paired my gray skirt with a gray turtleneck, black tights, white sneakers, and a long gray coat. I love this monochrome look!

Sophisticated cozy fall outfit

Fall look 4

Keeping with the gray palette, here I swapped the skirt for formal grey pants. I added a black belt, black blazer, and flat boots. This definitely is more on the sophisticated side when it comes to cozy fall outfits. 

Transitional summer to fall outfit

Fall look 5

Stylish and casual can also look great together. Here, I’m wearing a pink long-sleeved crop top, with a pair of skinny white pants and white sneakers. I also added this fun purse to accessorize the look! This would work well in the transition period between summer and fall.

Layered fall outfit

When the weather turns cooler, layer up with a tan jacket.

Black leather fall outfit

Fall look 6

This black-and-white look is fierce, yet comfy. I'm wearing faux-leather leggings, a white knit cardigan with embellishments down the middle, and black boots. I topped this outfit with a leather jacket and black leather bag.

Funky and colorful fall fashion

Fall look 7

If you’re looking for a little glitz and glamor, then this outfit is for you. Pair a funky yellow blouse with a gold printed skirt. Add black tights and sexy beige boots and voila! 

Black and red fall outfit

Fall look 8

Adding a touch of red to an all-black outfit is an idea you often see in the fall fashion lookbooks. Here, I’m wearing a lovely red coat with a fun graphic tee. The rest of my clothing items are black, and everything works so well! 

Accessorizing cozy fall outfits

You can even add a hat to the mix! 

How to wear autumnal colors

Fall look 9

Who says pants need to be black all the time? Switch it up with a different color. Again, I’m going for black and red, and I think it looks stunning and elegant. I am wearing Doc Martens, too, just to give this outfit an extra edge.

Also, can you see my handbag? It’s a belt that sits snug around my waist. 

Comfy casual fall outfits in black and red

Fall look 10

Now for a more formal feel, I paired my red coat with a lovely black knitted dress. It has a red square in the print, which goes perfectly with the red coat. Also, I opted for some chic tights and long pointed heels.

Swapping a red coat for a black one

If red is not your thing, then swap the coat for a lovely plain black one. This cozy fall fashion outfit looks warm yet chic! 

Feminine cozy fall fashion

Fall look 11

This look is feminine and fun! Here, I wore a pair of high-waisted pants with an oversized t-shirt with flowery details. I tucked in my shirt to accentuate my waistline. 

Fall outfit with a red blazer

For an all-rounded look, add a red blazer and white sneakers. 

All-black fall outfit

Fall look 12

You can’t go wrong with this little black number! This is also one of my fall fashion favorites and the all-black look is so sophisticated; it’s a real confidence booster.

Here, I paired a black midi-length dress with black tights, pointy heels, and a black bag. If the weather is colder than usual, a sexy black jacket or blazer will go perfectly with this all-black look. 

All-black outfit with a denim jacket

Should you want to break the all-black vibe of this outfit, opt for a classic denim jacket. 

Accessorizing by adding a cozy scarf

And a stunning printed scarf also looks super chic. 

Black and camel tones for fall

Fall look 13

For an edgier vibe, pairing a black dress with some classic Doc Martens goes a long way. I also added a hat into the mix for some fun hippie vibes. In addition, this long tan trench coat really does the job of giving a more cohesive look. 

Burberry-style printed scarf for fall

You can also add a classic Burberry-style printed scarf. 

Glamorous fall fashion outfit

Fall look 14

For the dazzling divas, this one’s for you! This is the perfect ensemble for a night out! I simply wore a sequined body dress on top of a turtleneck. To keep warm, wear some black tights and high-heeled boots. 

Cozy fall fashion tutorial

There you have 14 fun looks focused around cozy fall fashion. I love comfy and casual fall outfits, and it's easy to layer and accessorize to quickly adapt to the cooler weather. Let me know which was your favorite outfit?

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