Cut up an Old Pearl Necklace...😱😍

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw

If you feel like starting an easy and inexpensive DIY project, come make this cute, pearl ring with me. Just cut up an old pearl necklace and follow along with my simple tutorial.

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Tools and materials

  • Scissors
  • Thrifted pearl necklace
  • Plain ring
  • Hot glue gun

1. Cut the pearl necklace

Start by cutting the string of a thrifted or inexpensive, pearl necklace to release the pearls. You’ll only use a few pearls in this DIY, but save the rest for future projects!

Cutting the pearl necklace

2. Apply hot glue and pearls

Use a hot glue gun to apply a dot of glue to the top surface of a plain ring. Then press a pearl on the glue. Repeat with as many pearls as you’d like.

Applying hot glue

Allow the glue to dry completely before trying on your DIY pearl ring. Here’s the final result:

DIY pearl ring

What do you think of this simple pearl ring?

DIY pearl ring

DIY pearl ring

Let me know if you try out this fun little DIY pearl ring in the comments.

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  • Msf27430720 Msf27430720 on Jun 21, 2024
    I have old rings that have the diamond setting missing. I could add pearls to up style the rings. Buying a blank ring with a pad attached would hold the pearl & glue better. I've made several DIY rings using small rocks & gems from broken jewelry. The possibilities are endless after you buy gold & silver ring blanks online. Several colors of faux pearls are available too.😇
  • Laurie Laurie on Jun 25, 2024
    How did you HIDE the holes from the pearl beads ?