Cute Bun Tutorial for Vacation

Michelle Kramer
by Michelle Kramer
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No one wants to spend lots of time on their hair when they’re on vacation!

So here’s a cute bun tutorial that you can use whether you’re doing your hair for the beach or a more formal occasion.

It only takes seconds to do, but your friends don’t need to know that!

Tools and materials:

  • One hair elastic
Tying ponytail

1. Start with a ponytail

Put your hair into a standard back ponytail with a hair elastic. Be sure to twist the hair elastic twice for your ponytail

Creating half bun

2. Create a half bun

Pull the top part of your ponytail, from just under your hair elastic, up through one twist of your hair elastic, creating a small bun.

Wrapping bun

3. Wrap your bun

Separate the ponytail below your bun into two equal sections.

Twisting hair

Twist the sections so they are tight.

Twisting hair

Bring the twisted sections to the top of your bun and cross them over.


Now bring the two sections down, underneath your bun and tuck them into the hair elastic.


Tuck all the ponytail hair into the elastic so it’s fully hidden under the bun, while wrapped right around it.

Fanning bun

Use your fingers to fan out the bun.

Cute bun hairstyle

Cute bun hairstyle

Now you’re ready, and looking fantastic, for any vacation activities you’re going to take on today!


Give it a try, and leave a comment to let me know how you liked this cute vacation bun tutorial.

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Suggested materials:
  • One hair elastic

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