How to DIY Cute Heart Earrings From Resin

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Well, hello, my fellow Jewelers, we're in the world of UV resin today, making some DIY heart earrings.

These earrings will have a half-and-half design, using acrylic paint on one side and glitter on the over. The end result is colorful, sparkly, and gorgeous.

If you want to know how to make earrings with resin, this is for you. Let’s jump on in!

Tools and materials:

  • UV flashlight
  • UV resin light
  • Bail pliers 
  • Heart bezels 
  • UV resin 
  • 18 gauge wire  
  • Acrylic paint
  • Gold fine glitter
  • Earring stud backs
  • Silicone cups
  • Gold foil
Making heart bezels

1. Make the heart bezels (optional)

You can buy heart bezels and skip this step, but if you want to make your own, I’m going to show you how.

Cut two wires to the same length. Then take your bail pliers, and we’re going to be using the second biggest size.

If you want a smaller heart, go ahead and use one of the smaller sizes on your bail pliers. Take one of the wires and put it right at the bottom of the pliers in between the two sides.

Make sure it’s in the middle and push it to make a bend. This bend will be at the bottom of your heart. 

Making heart bezels

Then put the wider on the inside of the size you’re going to use because that is where you’re shaping your wire.

Bring your wire all the way down and then bend the other side of the wire.

Luckily, you can manipulate this type of wire a lot, so if it’s not exactly how you want it, you can bend it with your fingers. 

Making heart bezels

Now take your pliers and cut the excess off. Bend the heart to get it as flat as possible, as we need it to be flat on the UV resin tape.

Repeat this process and make another heart that is the same size.

You can watch this process in the video from 1:04-4:26 to see exactly what I’m doing.

Placing on tape

2. Place on tape

Place both hearts on the tape and fold the edge over so you have finger space.


3. Mix paint with resin

Shake your acrylic paint really well, squeeze it into a small cup, and then add the resin. Mix the two really well.

Adding glitter

4. Mix glitter with resin

Squeeze just resin into another silicone cup and then add your glitter. Mix the two together.

Adding resin to heart

5. Add resin to heart

Using your popsicle stick, place the colored resin on one side of the heart until the midway point.

Use a fine tool to help make sure it reaches all the edges. Then do a quick flash dry with a UV light so it stays where it’s at and doesn’t flow into the other side.

Adding glitter

6. Add glitter to heart

Now add the glitter mixture to the other side and then flash dry it.

Drying the heart

7. Dry the heart

Then dry the hearts on both sides using your UV lamp.

Adding top coat

8. Add a top coat

Add a clear layer of resin on the top, which will work as a top coat. This will help make the color pop. Spread it to all the edges.

Adding gold foil

9. Add gold foil

Now we’re going to add some gold foil on the pink side to bring it all together.

You only need to apply a little bit. Proceed to dry the earrings.

Attaching studs

10. Attach earring studs

Take the earrings off the tape. Dab the earrings with a little bit of resin, then place the earring stud backs on top.

Use the UV light to flash dry it. Then go around the stud backs with more resin.

Make sure that it’s not just on the studs but actually overflowing off so that it holds the studs onto the earrings.

Put it under the UV lamp, and then you’re done!

DIY heart earrings

DIY heart earrings

And that, my fellow jewelers, is how you make these gorgeous heart earrings. I love the half-and-half design, I think it's gorgeous.

I also like the gold sparkle and the pink, and the little bit of foil. This is a super straightforward resin DIY, and I hope you’ll try it out!

If you’ve done this and you’re looking for your next resin project, check out How to DIY Cute UV Resin Earrings.

Suggested materials:
  • UV flashlight
  • UV resin light
  • Bail pliers
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