Suffering With Dry Hands? Try This DIY White Kaolin Clay Mask Remedy

Holly Grace
by Holly Grace
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Follow this simple tutorial to make a DIY white kaolin clay hand mask and be ready for this winter! The winter months can be so hard on our skin and are especially drying to our hands.

In addition to its benefit as a skin moisturizer, kaolin clay helps to prevent acne, is an excellent exfoliant, and is considered to be a mild and gentle clay for use in skincare.

Tools and materials:

  • Kaolin white clay
  • Avocado oil
  • Aloe vera oil
  • Measuring cups
  • Glass or ceramic mixing bowl
  • Wooden mixing spoon
  • Airtight jar
Hand mask recipe with kaolin clay

1. Mix the ingredients

Put one cup of white clay into a glass or ceramic mixing bowl. It is important that you do not use a metal mixing bowl or spoon because elements in the clay may react with the metal, and both damage the metal and change the properties of the clay.

Adding wet ingredients to the DIY hand mask

Add ¼ cup of avocado oil to the bowl. Now add one tablespoon of aloe vera oil and six drops of lavender oil.

Tip: if you are not a fan of lavender you could substitute chamomile, patchouli, or geranium oil. All of these oils are gentle and soothing to dry skin.

How to make the best hand mask for dry hands

Mix all ingredients together with a wooden spoon.

Decanting the mask into an airtight jar

2. Store

Spoon the clay mixture into an airtight jar. The mixture at this point should be very thick, not watery or runny at all. Close the lid to the airtight jar and remember to keep the lid tightly closed whenever you are not using your clay mask.

Moisturizing hand mask DIY

3. Use the clay hand mask

Before using the clay hand mask, wash your hands well and remove any jewelry.

Applying the DIY white kaolin clay mask

Scoop a liberal amount of hand mask from the jar and apply it to the back of your hands. Massage it into the backs of your hands very well, remembering to work it into your cuticle and nail areas. 

Using the DIY hand mask

Once the whole back of your hands is well covered with the clay mask, let the clay sit on your hands for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Rinsing off the DIY hand mask with clay

Rinse off all the clay using warm water, either in a sink or a bowl.

Patting hands dry with a towel

Once you are sure all the clay has been rinsed off, pat your hands dry with a clean dry towel.

Tip: Don’t rub your hands to dry them, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin.

Applying moisturizer after the hand mask

Finish your hand treatment with your favorite hand lotion or moisturizer.

DIY white kaolin clay mask

DIY white kaolin clay mask tutorial

Now you can enjoy soft, supple hands all winter long! You can store this DIY hand mask in your airtight jar away from heat for up to three months.

If you want to use this DIY hand mask recipe to make some great gifts or stocking stuffers, you can buy pretty little airtight jars and add some nice hand-made labels.

Thanks for joining me on this easy DIY hand mask recipe and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Kaolin white clay
  • Avocado oil
  • Aloe vera oil
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  • Bonnie Woolever Bonnie Woolever on Nov 19, 2021

    Great idea! I want to make this but I don’t have avocado oil. Before I buy some, do you think either baby oil or coconut oil would work?

    This will make great holiday gifts. Thank you!

    • Trish F Trish F on Nov 19, 2021

      No to baby oil, it is mineral oil based and not really recommended, not even for babies any longer.

      Some people find coconut oil to be drying but you could make a small batch, like enough for 1 use, to see how you react to it.

      OR you can use olive oil, I would us x-virgin olive oil, but that it what I always have on hand.

  • Stacy Stacy on Nov 20, 2021

    Where can I find the clay powder?