Don't Know How to Braid? Try This Tutorial

Miyah Johnson
by Miyah Johnson
2 Materials
5 Minutes

Do you not know how to do a three-strand braid?

Here, I’m going to demonstrate what to do using scarves.

First, you’re going to braid the scarf, and then once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to your hair!

Tools and materials:

  • Scarves
  • Hair elastic
Dividing into three sections

1. Divide into three sections

Divide the piece of hair you want to braid into three equal pieces.

I highly advise working with scarves in three different colors. This will make it much easier to see which one is which and avoid any confusion.

Crossing pieces

2. Cross outer piece over middle

Take one of the end pieces (on either side) and cross it over the middle piece.

Crossing pieces

3. Repeat on the other side

Take the other end piece and cross it over the middle piece. It’s like the three strands are fighting for that middle stop over and over again.

Crossing pieces

4. Continue

Continue doing this all the way down

Braiding hair

5. Braid hair

Now that you’ve practiced with scarves, you can braid your own hair!

Braiding hair

How to braid

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. I always find that when perfecting any technique, it always helps to practice on something else first. Now you can braid away!

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Suggested materials:
  • Scarves
  • Hair elastic

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