Don't Toss Your Old Wine Bottles Before Seeing THIS!

by Christina
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Don’t toss out your used wine bottles just yet! Use them to keep your boots straight!

This is a great way to reuse those bottles and also keep the shape of your boots. This will make them keep their shape for longer and prevent creasing.

Tools and materials:

  • Empty wine bottles
Empty wine bottle

1. Clean out your bottles

It’s definitely best to rinse out your wine bottles before storing them in your closet.

You don’t want your boots and clothes to have an old wine smell! So before using them, make sure your bottles are clean and dry.

2. Place the bottles in your boots

Once the bottles are completely dry, just stick them in your boots with the narrow end of the bottle facing upward.

Wine bottle in boots

That’s all there is to this wine bottle hack!

Wine bottle in boots

Wine bottle boots hack

Try out this wine bottle trick to keep your boots organized and in better shape. Let me know in the comments down below how you get on with this hack.

Your boots will thank you later! For more fashion tips and tricks, check out my Hack for How to Put a Bracelet on by Yourself..🤯

Suggested materials:
  • Wine bottles

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  • Mje49430347 Mje49430347 on Feb 07, 2024

    You can use the cardboard middles from kitchen roll for this.

  • J J on Mar 07, 2024

    Rolled up newspapers taped at the top, middle and bottom will do the same thing They will also absorb the dampness and smells at the same time. Just throw away and make new ones. Recycling at its best.