DIY Mini Dress Out of Beach Balls

This design idea bounced straight from my brain onto my dress form. I love to challenge myself to create fashion out of unconventional items, and this beach ball mini dress is definitely one of my all-time favorite creations. Enjoy!

Gather Materials

What I used:

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Step 1: Create Waistband

I wrapped the elastic around the waist of my dress form and kept it in place with sewing pins.

Step 2: Prep Beach Balls

To prevent the balls from deflating later on once sewn onto the waistband, I decided to iron about an inch together (opposite the blow hole side). That way the tiny holes from the sewing machine needle would penetrate the pressed portions and the air would remain in the ball.

If you have any other ideas that would have been better than ironing/pressing, please share! :)

Step 3: Create Skirt

I slightly inflated the beach balls and attached them around the outside of the elastic waistband (blow holes at the bottom) using sewing clips.

Step 4: Create Top

I created a plunging top using two beach balls and kept them in place by tucking the bottoms under the waistband.

Then I created a halter strap by cutting a strip about 2 inches wide from another beach ball and folding the edges in toward the center.

Step 5: Sew Pieces

I placed a sheet of tissue paper on top of the beach ball portions I was sewing to prevent the foot from sticking. I used a zigzag stitch to maintain elasticity and left a few gaps so the waistband could still stretch. Then I gently tore the tissue paper away once I finished sewing the pieces together.

All done!

I now have a custom mini dress that is sure to turn more heads at the beach than any bikini would. ;) Thanks for checking this out! Be sure to connect with me on IG for more.






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Miaira Jennings
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