Easy Upcycle: How to DIY a Gorgeous Tunic Dress From a Scarf

by AssunDIY
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In this DIY, I’m going to show you how to make a tunic dress from a scarf.

I love taking everyday pieces and transforming them into something completely different. We all know that you can wear a scarf around your neck, but here we will be cutting it up and resewing it together to make a lovely dress. Let’s begin!

Tools and materials:

  • Long cotton scarf
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Elastic
  • Safety pin
Marking the scarf

1. Mark the scarf

Take a wide scarf and fold it in half lengthways and widthways.

On the two length sides, next to the centerfold, measure and mark 35cm (13.8 inches).

Then, join these two lines up and then cut along the line. Put the bottom end of the scarf with the tasseled bottom to the side for now.

Cutting the folds open

2. Cut open the folds

Proceed to cut along the folded length line.

Then, open up the pieces that you just cut out from this piece of fabric. You will have two rectangles.

Pinned sides

3. Pin and sew the sides

Fold in one of the length sides by a few centimeters on each of the pieces and pin it in place. Proceed to sew down.

Making fabric

4. Join the two pieces together

Place the two rectangular pieces so that the non-sewn sides are touching, and then place one piece on top of the other.

Mark 12cm (4.7 inches) from the end on both ends of the scarf. Proceed to sew these two places, leaving a seam allowance.

Where to sew

5. Sew the seams and around the hole

Open up the fabric and place it wrong side up. Pin the seams open.

Then fold down the fabric on either side of the open hole down. Sew in place.

Marking sides

6. Sew the sides

Fold the fabric in half. Mark 20cm (7.8 inches) from the folded top on the two outer sides. Then sew below this measured section.

Where to sew

7. Sew the bottom part of the scarf

Take the bottom part of your scarf that you cut off before. Sew the two length sides.

Marking fabric

8. Mark the open side

Mark 3cm (1.2 inches) from the top all the way along the open width side.

Marking fabric

9. Fold over and mark

Fold the top over and mark 3cm (1.2 inches) from the bottom of the fold.

Where to sew

10. Sew along the lines

Fold the fabric over to the lines where you’ve marked, pin it in place, and sew it down.

Be sure to leave a small area open, however, to insert the elastic.

Inserting eleastic

11. Insert the elastic

Insert a safety pin into one end of the elastic and pull the elastic all the way around the sewn area.

When done, sew the elastic together and sew closed the open hole.

Attaching the two parts

12. Attach the two parts

Take the other piece of the dress and place it inside the part that you were just working with.

The raw edge of the top piece should be lined up with the elasticated part of the bottom one.

Pin the two pieces together and sew them all around with zigzag stitching. 

Completed DIY tunic dress

Dress from scarf DIY

The tunic is complete! I hope you are as impressed as I am that we were able to take a regular cotton scarf and transform it into a dress. This is a really stylish piece that I can’t wait to wear in this form.

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Suggested materials:
  • Long cotton scarf
  • Long cotton scarf
  • Ruler
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