Learn to Restyle a Dress While Making It Longer

Nurit Sig
by Nurit Sig
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I had a cute dress with a fun fabric but the front was just too short. Rather than get rid of the dress, I let my creative juices flow and refashioned it to make a slighter longer glammed up piece. I am so in love with my new dress and the style I added to it. If you want to learn how I totally transformed my dress to not only lengthen it but to also make it into a fashion statement piece, my tutorial is for you! Follow my simple, step-by-step guide, and learn the ins and outs of this project.

Tools and materials:

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Dress
How to make a short dress longer
Cut the back of the dress

To start off this awesome project, I cut off fabric from the back of the dress so that I would be able to use it to make the dress slightly longer. 

Hem the bottom
Hem the bottom

Next, I hemmed the bottom of the dress. I folded the fabric so that I could hem the whole bottom to give a nice, clean finish. 

How to make a short dress look longer
Cut the shoulder seams

I then cut open the shoulder seams of the dress. 

Hem the top
Hem the top

 I overlocked the shoulder seams but a zig-zag cut or stitch will work just as well! I hemmed the top of the dress to give it a perfect finish. 

Make fabric strips

I was ready to add my extra fabric to the shoulder seams but I first had to measure so that my bra straps would be covered after this small alteration. I had to make sure that the strips of fabric I cut would have enough material to cover the bra straps plus seam allowance. 

Cut strips

Once I had the measurements all worked out, I cut out my fabric strips.

Sew the strips

I folded the strips, right sides together, and sewed them closed. 

Turn right side out

Once all 8 strips were sewed, I flipped the fabric right side out. I used a fabric hook but the safety pin method works perfectly! 

Finish the raw edges

I wanted to finish the raw edges of the fabric strips. Rather than fold them over and lose out on fabric, I tucked the raw edges in and pinned them. When I sewed the strips to the dress, I would sew the strip closed as well. 

Sew on the strips
Attach the strips

Finally, it was time to attach the strips to the dress. First I pinned the 8 strips in place and then I sewed on each side of the dress to create a gorgeous effect and lengthen the dress.

Add length to a dress

I am so in love with this refashioned dress. What other tricks do you have to lengthen a dress? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
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