How to Sew a Skater Dress With Long Sleeves Out of an Old Bedsheet

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Today, I’m going to show you how to sew a skater dress that is perfect for springtime! You don’t even need a zipper for this skater dress. Just some cotton fabric will do. I actually used an old bedsheet for this DIY skater dress. So, let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

1. Make the bodice pattern

Use or make a basic bodice and sleeve pattern. Then, cut out the pattern onto your fabric. Be sure to cut out the front, back, and sleeves (front and back pieces should be cut on fold). 

Pinning the bust darts ready to sew

Then, pin and sew the bust darts as instructed on the pattern. 

How to make a circle skirt for the skater dress

2. Make the circle skirt pattern

To make the skirt pattern, measure the width of the front and back bodice and take ¼ of that measurement to make your circle skirt. You’ll need to use this circle skirt calculator to get the circumference.

You can make the length as long or as short as you wish; mine was 50cm (19.68 inches).

Drawing the circle skirt pattern onto fabric

Draw the pattern onto your fabric.

Cutting out the circle skirt

You should have two half-circle pieces to work with. 

DIY pocket pattern

Cutting out the pocket pattern pieces

3. Make the pockets

Now, cut out the pocket pattern pieces. You’ll need four pieces. 

Placing the pocket pieces on the dress

Pinning the pockets to the dress

Place one piece 5cm (1.96 inches) from the top. Pin and sew each side the same. 

Topstitching the pockets after sewing

Now, topstitch the pockets. 

How to sew a skater dress

4. Sew the skater dress

Pin and sew the front bodice to the skirt’s half piece. 

Pinning the skirt piece to the back bodice

Attach the other half of the skirt to the back bodice. 

Pinning the DIY skater dress at the shoulder seams

Pin the shoulder seams of both front and back pieces and sew to secure. Ensure your fabric is wrong sides out. 

Making facing for the DIY skater dress

5. Attach facing

Cut facing from your excess fabric, ensuring it’s the same measurement as your DIY skater dress's back and front neckline.

Pin both pieces together and sew at the short ends. Then, zigzag stitch the raw edges. 

Pinning the facing to the neckline

Pin the facing to the wrong side of the neckline, making sure the seams align. Then, sew to secure. 

Cutting snips along the seam allowance

Cut tiny snips around the seam allowance. 

Topstitching the facing

Topstitch the facing, making sure the seam allowance from underneath faces outward. 

Pinning the sleeves to the armholes

6. Attach the sleeves 

Pin the sleeves to the armholes, starting at the center. Sew to secure and repeat on the other slide. 

Making tie straps for the skater dress belt

7. Make the tie straps and belt 

Moving onto the belt, cut out two strips of fabric measuring 10cm (3.93 inches) x 100cm (39.37 inches). Fold the strips in half and sew along the edge. Then, turn them right sides out. 

DIY skater dress belt

This is what you should have. 

Pinning the armhole and sleeve inseams

8. Sew the sides

Pin the armhole and sleeve inseams.

Pinning the side seams with the straps

Before pinning the side seams, insert one strap on each side and pin (the strap should be inside). The straps should be located by the waistline’s seam. 

How to make a skater dress

Remember to align the pockets, too! 

Sewn skater dress

Then, sew the sides in place. This is the result! 

Make your own skater dress

9. Hem the DIY skater dress

Woohoo! We’re almost done sewing the dress. Now, what’s left is to hem the bottom. Do this by folding the fabric over twice, pinning, and then sewing. 

How to make a skater dress from scratch

Don’t forget to hem the cuffs too.

DIY skater dress

Back of the DIY skater dress

How to sew a skater dress

Isn’t this DIY skater dress just gorgeous? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make your own skater dress. It’s pretty straightforward to follow and also allows for a wonderful upcycle, too!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Bodice and sleeve pattern
  • Pocket pattern
  • Fabric
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