This Easy Lace Mini Dress Transformation Is Incredible

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by Wendy Herrera
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In today's tutorial, we are going to take this boring lace dress and turn it into a jaw-dropping lace mini dress. That's right; it's one of those transformations that will make you go "WOW!". The lace dress I have has a high-low bottom, something I'm not a fan of. Also, I wanted to make the white lace mini dress more fitted to compliment my body. I'll finish off this DIY lace mini dress by adding some stunning lace cuffs. Join me on this fun lace mini dress tutorial, and I'll show you this stunning transformation.

Tools and materials:

  • Lace dress
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
White lace mini dress


Start off by measuring how long you'd like the dress to be. My desired length was around 25 inches. I continued to measure 25 inches across the dress and pinned it around so that I have a guide when I cut the excess fabric off.

DIY lace mini dress

Sew and cut the bottom

Now, sew two adjacent lines across the dress, as shown. There are two stitched lines because the lace will not unravel when cut above the top line. Working with lace needs some TLC.


Be sure not to sew the bottom and top pieces together.

Make a lace mini dress

Now, cut between the two lines. Take your time on the cutting part.

Sew a lace mini dress

Voila! Here's your mini dress… and a ton of fabric for the next steps! Remember to hem the bottoms for a professional, polished look.

Make the waistband

You'll make the waistband from the extra fabric you just cut. Measure your waist and mark your measurement across the fabric. Mine is 26 inches. Lay out the measuring tape across your fabric. Now, sew two lines at one end of the fabric ( vertically) and sew another two lines where your waist measurement mark is. For me, this is at the 26 inches mark. 


When you sew both lines on either end, make sure they're around an inch or two apart.

How to sew a lace mini dress

Just like the mini dress, go ahead and cut in between the lines. Again, there are two stitch lines to ensure the lace won't unravel. (You'll thank me for this golden tip).

lace mini dress tutorial

Now that you have your desired length and your waistband is cut to size, fold the waistband over to your desired width. Then, fold the edges inwards so that you can string through your strings. I folded mine at around 2.5 inches inward. Once the edges are folded, sew to secure along the edges.

Feed a piece of string through both ends, and tie the string into a knot. Whether you want it loose or tight is up to you!

Cut the excess string off, and you now have completed your lovely waistband.

Make the shoulder straps

You'll need long strips of fabric for this step. Take your excess fabric and sew two lines right across to create a strip. Then, do another strip by folding another two lines beneath that. For me, each strip of fabric came out to be approximately 5 inches wide.

Cut between the stitched lines so that you have two long pieces of fabric.

Fold the strips in half, right sides facing, and sew the outer edge.

On one end of the strip, tuck in the raw edges and sew a line across. Repeat for the other strip, too.

The beauty of these straps is that they are removable for versatility. So, don't sew them on. Simply tuck them under the chest line of your lacy bodycon mini dress.

If you want another daring look, simply tie the two straps together around your neck for a halter top effect.

There we go, now you know how to make a lace mini dress in no time. My best part about this lace mini dress is the versatile straps that can be changed and styled differently. I hope you learned a lot from this tutorial and that you can use these awesome tips for your next transformation project.

Suggested materials:
  • Lace dress
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
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