How to Make a Gorgeous DIY Wrap Dress Out of 2 T-Shirts

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In this refashion tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a dress from two t-shirts. It’s such a lovely transformation. This DIY ruffle wrap dress is the perfect addition to your summer closet without the expensive price tag! All you’ll need is two t-shirts for this DIY: one your size and the other that’s bigger. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • 1 oversized t-shirt
  • 1 t-shirt in your size
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
Measuring the length of the t-shirt

1. Make the top pattern

Using the t-shirt in your size, measure the length from the shoulder to your belly button. Mine is 40cm (15.74”). 

Cutting the bottom off the t-shirt

Draw a horizontal line at that mark and cut across. 

Measuring the marking the bottom edge

Measure and mark the middle of the bottom edge. 

Drawing the deep v-shape

Connect the bottom center mark to both sides of the neck. You should have a deep v-shape. 

Cutting the neckline

Cut along the lines and the back of the neck. 

Cutting across the t-shirt at the armholes

2. Make the bottom pattern

Moving to the bigger t-shirt, draw a horizontal line under the armholes and cut across. 

DIY ruffle wrap dress tutorial

Measure 20cm (7.87”) from the bottom right edge. 

How to make a dress from old t-shirts

Connect the mark to the top right corner. 

Cutting out a curved line

Draw a curve right below and cut. 

Measuring the width of the fabric

3. Make the ruffles

With the excess fabric from the first t-shirt, measure the width of the fabric and divide it into three parts. In my case, it’s 9cm (3.54”) per segment, which will be the width of the ruffle. 

Cutting through the layers

Cut through both layers and the edges on one side. 

Connecting the short ends

Connect the short ends and sew to make one long piece. 

Pulling on the gathering stitch

Sew a gathering stitch on one end of the fabric, then pull the upper thread to create the ruffles. 

Attaching the ruffles to the dress

4. Attach the ruffles

Pin the ruffles to the edge of the dress, then sew down.

Cutting a curved line along the top end

Cut a curved line along the top ends of the ruffles to give them a nice finish. 

From t-shirt to dress

5. Make the dress ties

Measure 18cm (7.08”) up from the bottom of the cut t-shirt (use the one that fits you), and draw a line across. 

How to make a dress from a large t-shirt

Measure 9cm (3.54”) from the top line and draw another line. You should have two equal rectangles to cut.

Pinning the pieces to make one long piece

Pin and sew the short ends to make one long piece. 

Making the short ties

6. Make the short ties

Using the sleeves from the t-shirt, measure 9cm (3.54”) across and cut. Try to get the maximum length for this. 

Connecting the pieces to make the ties

Pin and connect the short ends to make the short tie for your DIY ruffle wrap dress. 

Folding and pinning the ties

7. Prep the ties

Fold both the long and short tie in half and pin at the edge. 

Sewing the ends in a curve

Sew along the edge to secure and curve one of the short ends of each tie. 

Turning the fabric inside out

Use a long stick to turn the fabric inside out. 

Pressing the tie with an iron

Then, press. 

Cutting out neckline facing

8. Create the neckline facing

Measure three 2cm (0.78”) rectangles from the neck area of the t-shirt and cut. 

Pinning and sewing the short ends together

Pin and sew the short ends to make one long piece. 

Pinning the facing to the neckline

9. Finish the neckline

Pin the end of the long fabric to the end of the main bodice piece and sew to secure. 

Folding the raw edges

Fold the raw edge of the long fabric inside your top piece and pin. 

How to make a dress from a t-shirt

When sewing, ensure the second seam is bigger than the first seam; this will hide the first seam. 

Assembling the DIY ruffle wrap dress

10. Assemble the DIY ruffle wrap dress

Connect the top and bottom of the dress together at the waistline. Then, sew all around. 

Pinning the short tie to the dress

Pin the short tie to one end of the waistline. 

Pinning the long tie to the dress

Then, pin the long tie to the other end. Sew to secure.

Seam ripping a small hole for the tie

Since the long tie is on the right side of the dress, seam rip a small hole on the left seam of the dress so that the long tie can go through. 

Tip: Sew the two corners of the hole to prevent the fabric from pulling. 

DIY ruffle wrap dress

Make a dress from a t-shirt

Make a dress from a t-shirt

Here’s my final transformation! This DIY ruffle wrap dress has a vintage feel and I can’t wait to wear it out! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a dress from a t-shirt. That t-shirt-to-dress transformation was really fun, and I hope you do this for your next DIY. 

Suggested materials:
  • 1 oversized t-shirt
  • 1 t-shirt in your size
  • Pins
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