Making Your Maxi Dress Fit Better

by Angie_Garcia

Sometimes we buy dresses because they're loose and we feel free in them. That's what made me snag this stripped maxi dress off the Goodwill rack, but that was 8lbs. ago and now I want it to look a little tighter.

Here is how the dress fits by itself

Here is an old earring I have that is perfectly round. With this I'm going to make the dress a little tighter and also give it a little bit of character.

You can use any hoop or round thing you have, I recommend finding something thin. Nothing thicker than a button.

First slide your object under your dress and find a good spot like near the hip or above the hip

Next wrap a small thin rubber band around your object. This is what it should like after you've rubber band it.

Note: the rubber band is on the top side of the dress here

And that's how simple and easy this trick is!

Here is the dress after... You can see how it goes in a little where I put my old earring. It makes it a bit tighter and now it doesn't look like a plain maxi that goes straight down.

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