How to Make a Cute & Summery DIY Wrap Dress With Puff Sleeves

10 Materials
4 Hours

I have this beautiful DIY wrap dress project for you today! It may look complicated to make, but I assure you, you can sew your own wrap dress easily when following this tutorial! Let’s get started so you can see for yourself.

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric (non-stretch)
  • Pocket pattern
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
  • Chalk
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Pencil
  • Safety pin
DIY wrap dress pattern

1. Make the DIY wrap dress pattern 

For the full steps of how to make the pattern to your measurements, watch the video from 0:29.

Cutting out the pattern pieces

2. Cut out the pattern

Go ahead and cut out your pattern pieces. You should have two front pieces, one back piece, and two sleeve pieces. 

Making the pockets

3. Make the pocket pieces

You’ll also need to make four pocket pieces. To get a free pattern for this, you can use my pocket pattern.

How to sew a wrap dress

4. Sew the DIY wrap dress

Align the two front pieces on top of the back pieces, right sides facing. Then, pin the shoulder seams. 

Sewing the shoulder seams

Sew with a zigzag stitch or overlocker to secure. 

Note: You’ll be sewing the whole DIY wrap dress with a zigzag or overlocker, except for the hems. 

Inserting the sleeves

Next, place the center of the sleeve to the shoulder seam and pin the edges along the front and back pieces. Ensure it’s right sides facing. Sew down.

Attaching the pockets

5. Attach the pockets

To attach the pockets, you’ll first need to mark where the loops will be. So, down the side of your front piece, measure 14cm (5.51”) and mark. 

Marking and measuring the loops

From 14cm (5.51”), measure 4cm (1.57“) down and make another mark. Your loop will be attached between these two points. 

Measuring the pocket placement

Then, mark 5cm (1.96”); this is where the pocket will start. 

Pinning the pockets

Pin one of the pocket pieces on the front side, starting from the respective mark as demonstrated above. Repeat on the second front piece. 

Sewing the pockets

Sew to secure and flip the pocket piece over. This is what it should look like. Now, topstitch the edge. Repeat this on the back piece. 

Pinning the loop marks

Place pins on the loop marks for reference. 

Pinning the side seams

Starting from the armhole, align the raw edges and pin both layers. 

How to make a wrap dress with a tie

Place a pin horizontally between the loop marks, so you don’t sew that area. 

Pinning the side seams

Continue pinning all the way down, around the pockets, and to the bottom of the DIY wrap dress. 

Sewing the side seams

Now, sew the sides to secure, except for the gap where the loops will be placed. 

DIY wrap dress tutorial

To prevent fraying or tearing, sew a square around the gap. 

DIY ruffle pattern

6. Make the ruffle pattern

Measure and cut a piece of fabric measuring 170cm x 22cm (66.92” x 8.66”). Then, overlock or zigzag stitch the sides. 

Sewing a basting stitch to gather the fabric

Sew a basting stitch along one long end and pull the thread to create gathers that measure the same width as the bottom of the dress. 

Pinning the ruffle to the bottom of the dress

Next, pin the ruffled piece to the dress’ bottom, right sides facing. When complete, sew to secure. 

Hemming the raw edges

7. Hem the DIY wrap dress

Hem the raw edges and the neckline with a double fold. 

How to create the puff sleeve

8. Create a puff sleeve

Fold the sleeve inward and pin all around. 

Sewing a channel for the elastic

Then, sew to secure but leave a gap to insert elastic. 

Cutting piece of elastic

Cut two elastic pieces measuring 24cm (9.44") each (or the size of your wrist). 

Feeding elastic through the casing

Feed each piece through the casing with the help of a safety pin. 

Sewing the ends closed

Sew the ends and gap closed. 

Making the dress tie

9. Make the dress tie

Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 120cm x 10cm (47.24” x 3.93”) each. 

Folding and sewing the straps

Fold each strap (right sides together), pin, and sew. 

Turning the fabric

Push each strap to the right side with the help of a pencil. 

Pushing out the corners with a pencil

Push out the corners with the pencil, too. 

Attaching the straps

Insert each strap in each gap and sew to secure. 

DIY wrap dress

DIY wrap dress from the back

DIY wrap dress tutorial

This DIY wrap dress is complete! What do you think of the final result? Sure, there’s lots of measuring going on when making the pattern, but that’s the beauty of it; you can customize it, so it fits your size.

I hope you found inspiration from this tutorial to sew your own wrap dress. Good luck! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric (non-stretch)
  • Pocket pattern
  • Sewing machine
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