How to Add Straps and a Slit to the Easiest 1 Seam Dress

I love this easy one-seam dress because there are so many variations you can make to it.

The secret is in the pre-smocked fabric, which comes in lots of colors and patterns.

Today, I’m going to add straps and a slit to the basic dress.


1. Fabric

1.5 yards (1.5 m) of this pre-smocked fabric will make a dress to fit most sizes.

Cutting the fabric

2. Cut to fit

Wrap the fabric around you and mark where you want the seam to be.

Cutting the fabric

Draw a straight line on the smocked part of the fabric at this point.

Cutting the fabric
Side seam

Cut the fabric to just below the elasticated section.

Grab hold of both sides at the end of the cut and rip it from that point to the bottom, to get a clean edge.

3. Side seam

Wrap the fabric around you wrong side out and pin the side seam.

Side seam

I’m adding a slit to one side of mine, so I only pinned down to the top of the slit.

Sew the side seam down to the top of the slit, or to the hem if you’re not including a slit on yours.


4. Slit

Turn under one side of the slit by a quarter inch (1/2 cm) and press.


Fold it again by the same amount, and press again.

Repeat on the other side.


Top stitch up both sides of the slit and across the top.


5. Hem

Try on the dress and check the length. Mine was too long so I cut off about 3 inches (8 cm) from the bottom.


Make a double fold hem at the bottom, exactly as you did for the slit.

Making the straps

6. Straps

Cut four strips of fabric, each 5 inches by 32 inches (12.5 cm by 81 cm).

Making the straps

Fold each strip in half lengthways with the right side inside and make a diagonal cut at one end.

Sew the edges of the strip together, leaving the straight end open.

Ironing the straps

Turn the strip right side out and press.

Adding the straps

Try the dress on again and place pins in the front where you want the straps to be.

Pin and sew two straps to the front and two matching straps to the back.

How to add straps and a slit to the easiest 1 seam dress

Tie the straps in a bow on your shoulders.

How to add straps and a slit to the easiest 1 seam dress

How to add straps and a slit to the easiest 1 seam dress

I really love the way this version of the dress turned out.

How to add straps and a slit to the easiest 1 seam dress

The straps look really cool off the shoulder too.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see other versions of this dress.

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