Hydrangea Halter Dress DIY X Mer Hanson

TGI-DIY amirite? Nothing like a new sewing tutorial to start off your weekend. I’ve been planning this collaboration for a while now and so overjoyed to finally share it with all of you. Today I’m showing you how to make this easy DIY summer dress. It can be worn as a cover-up or just a bike to the beach. While the project itself is perfect for beginners, the print is even more special.

This lightweight cotton print was a collaboration with one of my favorite Instagrammers and artists, Meredith Hanson. She creates prints that are the quintessential New England. When I saw her prints i knew I wanted to wear them!

I created this New England summery pattern through the use of my fabric design’s interface, more about them in the post. However, I wanted to say the process of creating wearable art was truly magical. Don’t worry, Meredith and I didn’t stop here. We have more of our creations with you in the coming weeks!


  • 2 yards custom printed fabric from MyFabricDesigns.com

  • 2 yards 1″ elastic

  • Matching thread

  • Instructions

step 1. Measure the widest part of your body (usually your hips) and multiple this number by 1.5. For example, mine is 32″ about the hips, making this measurement 48″. Cut your ‘rectangle’ 48″ across and your desired length +3″.

step 2. As pictured, press down 1″ from the top of the fabric and sew. This will create the pocket for your elastic. Next, measure the distance to your waist. At this point ‘pinch’ up on the fabric to create a 1″ pocket. Pin and sew on the top and bottom or the crease created to make a pocket. This will create the pocket for your waist elastic.

step 3. Measure your two pieces of elastic a) measuring across your chest where the top of the dress will sit and subtract 1″ b) measuring across your waist and subtracting 1″. Thread the corresponding elastics through the two pockets you created in step 2. Pin the ends so that the elastic doesn’t sneak through. Pro tip: If you pin a safety pin to the end of you elastic this makes it easier to thread.

step 4. flip your garment inside out and sew up to connect the edges. Make sure that the edge of the elastic is in the seam. This will anchor the elastics in place.

step 5. cut two pieces of fabric to create the straps of your dress! Mine were 24″ by 6″.

step 6. Fold each piece in half lengthwise and press. Sew along the lengthwise seam to connect. Flip right side out and sew each end to close.

step 7. Connect the straps to the front your dress right underneath the first elastic pocket. I tried on my dress (it can also work as a strapless because of the elastics) in order to find just the right hang of my dress.

About the artist

Let’s talk a little bit about Meredith Hanson. When I saw her prints on Instagram, my first thought was the amazing fabric her creative prints would make. A native to the gorgeous island of Nantucket, Meredith’s prints are the iconic image of New England summer. You can find her prints on mugs, bags and murals throughout ACK. Give her a follow on Instagram or shop all her prints here.

About the fabric

The fabric was custom designed and printed by myself with the help of my fabric designs. With their interface, you can upload your own designs to create a gorgeous custom print. I ordered this fabric in a simple cotton. You can order everything from linen, to silk to jersey on their site. You can shop their fabrics and start creating your own here.

About this dog: jk this is a strangers dog.

So excited to see what you create. As always, if you have any questions or comments please comment below or find me on instagram

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