Minerva Make: Robert Kaufman Florals in M7969

Sew Like Romy
by Sew Like Romy

We need to talk about Robert Kaufman and when they do florals. I feel like Liberty is what comes to mind when you think the best in the game at florals, but not everyone can meet that price point. Enter Robert Kaufman. The price point is affordable and to the untrained eye it looks like you’re playing with Liberty florals. I don’t know about you, but that is a big yes from me and also I don’t feel as stressed cutting into it as I do when it comes to Liberty.

I’m a huge lover of the London Calling range from Robert Kaufman and I’ve used all the florals in all the colourways for that collection so it was a no brainer when this floral popped up. It’s not from the same collection, but with the unique colourway and the petite floral design, I knew it was Robert Kaufman instantly. I also knew exactly what I was going to make with it!

Every now and then there’s a pattern that emerges that has a cult following that everyone is trying so I thought it was about time I made McCall’s M7969. I’m a little late to the party but I got here eventually. I’ve seen so many pretty versions but I was a little wary of the neckline as I don’t wear necklines that low. That was easily fixed by adding 1” to the front bodice piece at the base and using my french rule to draw a new line from the top of the bodice to the base. I also added 1” extra to the bodice length to account for my larger bust.

After making those changes I moved onto cutting. Everything was flowing smoothly till I tried on the bodice. It was HUGE! I have no idea what I did wrong. I followed the measurements given and other’s advice to size down but it was still too big. If I was to sew the front to where the notches indicated I would be exposed at the front. But once again it was an easy fix and I just pulled the front bodice across more until it sat on me properly. In my case that was 1” from the side seams. Once I was happy I continued to sew it as per the instructions.

The only other place that I wish I had made adjustments were the sleeves. The opening at the wrist is actually quite big. I know that’s the intended look, but for my preference I would like it a little tight there. I made note of that for my next version.

Overall the finished product is definitely a winner and I now understand why everyone raves about it. I’m happy with the changes I made, but would probably have enjoyed an extra inch in length for the bodice (that’s me nitpicking). Would I make this again? Definitely. I love the result for minimal effort. I hope I can make another one soon, but I don’t know if I can top my fabric choice from this time around. It just works perfectly!

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Sew Like Romy
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