The Perfect Multi Season Denim Dress!

Carol Bentley
by Carol Bentley
4 Materials
4 Hours

I'm so eager to share with you my fab little denim dress and show how to style it to transition the seasons!

After cutting out all the sections I couldn't resist laying them all out together!!

Here's a fast forward of all the steps! Don't worry those of you who prefer a little description, that's coming below!!

Firstly the skirt back and two front sections are stitched together at the side seams.

Darts are added to shape the bust then the 2 front bodice sections and back are stitched together, right sides together at the side seams, before the bodice is attached to the skirt at the waist.

Once the bodice and the skirt are attached a quick press flattens it all out and its starting to look like a dress!!

Now we attach the shoulder straps.

Because we are going to use snaps and button holes for closures at the front edge, it needs some extra structure. So a facing is added which is interfaced, once its stitched on, it's flipped to the inside and pressed nice and flat!

Yay, we're nearly there, just the buttons (or in my case snaps) buttonholes and the hem to stitch!!

I'm using this special measure (Simflex gauge) and some pins to mark the accurate position of the snaps and buttonholes, but a tape measure would have worked too!

All done, here I'm styling it over a little cotton tee, its so comfy like this and it means I can wear it when its not super hot in the summer but if I get too warm I can just wear it as a sun dress by removing the top.

But a sun dress works fine over boots and under a snuggly sweater! Who said a sundress is only for summer!!??

Suggested materials:
  • Denim 1.5m   (Felicity fabrics UK)
  • Interfacing (black 0.5m)   (
  • Snaps (15)   (
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