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by Berta Lily
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So the thing is, I've ALWAYS hated dying my hair. I have never found a color I love. I don't have time/money to go to a salon. It's just a colossal inconvenience for me and I have never been blown away with the results. I decided to go gray naturally and did this for about a year. My husband didn't love the look (even though he has just as many grays on his chest and beard!) I started look into so options and landed on henna because I love the natural aspect.

This is a before pic.

I used "The Henna Guys" in burgundy red (there are a lot of other shades) and was completely blown away!

Start by brewing a cup of black coffee. I ended up using half a packet even though it said for my length hair I needed a whole packet but my shoulder length hair is not very thick. I also stirred in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, the instructions said it helps with gray coverage. You want it the consistency of mud. Leave it overnight.

The next day, I used a hair dying brush to put all the muck in my hair. Next time I would follow my part down. Divide your hair into 5 sections depending on how thick it is and make sure each section is saturated.

Then cover with a shower cap and wait (cute look, I know!)

I also used Vaseline along my hair line to avoid dying my skin. THE HENNA WILL DYE ANYTHING IT COMES IN CONTACT WITH!

Then wait some more, about 4 hours. then you can wash it all out in the shower with some shampoo and conditioner. It will take multiple rinses.

I was absolutely shook by the color! I LOVE IT!

It was a little intense on the root line but this came out after a week. This is why next time I will go on my part line to avoid the henna dying my scalp. They warned there could be some color bleeding but I didn't really notice. I just switched my pillow case to an old one.

This is really the color I have been trying to achieve my whole adult life.

A month later and the color is still on so well. I really thought it would wash out by now but nope! I have been washing my hair on hot (directions said to wash on cold to prolong the color) and really not doing anything special.

Suggested materials:
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  • Hair dye brush

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