Easy Melt & Pour Goat Milk Soap Recipes: Rose & Lavender Soap With Gol

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by Maura White
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Today’s Easy Melt & Pour Goat Milk Soap Recipe is using Rose and Lavender with Gold Mica Powder!

I’ve been having so much fun making different varieties of easy melt & pour soap recipes and wanted to create one combing both rose and lavender, with some gold mica powder.

Since I found a bottle of Rose Absolute essential oil, I have been experimenting with different soaps using it (see the plain rose soap tutorial over here). If you’ve never tried making your own melt and pour soap recipes, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is. You can use natural and organic soap bases so you know you are making toxic free soap.

These make absolutely wonderful gifts!

What You’ll Need to Make this Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipe with Rose & Lavender Essential Oils and Gold Mica Powder:

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for 12 bars

  • Flower Silicone Mold
  • Rose Absolute Essential Oil (I used Aura Cacia brand, but there .is also a Blend of Rose I recommend from Rocky Mountain Oils. )
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Red & Blue Liquid Soap Color
  • Gold mica powder
  • Microwave Safe Glass Measuring Cup w/ Spout (having 2 on hand is easier for this recipe)
  • small spray bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol
  • Decorative tape, raffia, burlap, and/or ribbon (optional)
  • This is enough to make 24 bars

    We are going to be making this soap in 2 batches – one batch you will use goat’s milk soap for the inner shape with lavender scent. Then you will use clear glycerin for the gold sparkle rose scented layer on the outside.

    Start by cutting up the goat’s milk soap into smaller cubes and placing them in your microwave safe glass measuring cup. My Pyrex cup can only hold one pound of soap at a time – (half of what you ordered) which is enough to make 12 bars.

    When your soap is cut into cubes, place in the microwave for (3) 30 second intervals, stirring in between each interval. You may need a 4th time, depending on how full your cup is of soap. Just be sure the soap is completely melted.

    Then add 2 drops of red soap coloring and 2 blue. If you want a brighter, more intense purple color, then double that amount of soap coloring.

    Stir the blue and red until it is well blended into the lavender color you want.

    Then add 20 drops of Lavender essential oil and stir well again.

    Pour your lavender soap into the flower silicone mold. I recommend not filling these all the way full. That way they will be the same thickness as the general bar mold shape you will place them in when they harden.

    If you do use this exact flower silicone mold, then 1 lb of goats milk (half of what your ordered) will fill 8 flowers. I ended up making only 6 bars of soap (using one l lb each of Goat’s milk and glycerin soap), so I had a couple of extra flowers.

    While you are waiting for the lavender flower shapes to cool, go ahead and start heating up your glycerin soap in 30 second intervals in the microwave. Again, stir each time in between and microwave it until it’s fully melted – about 1 minute and a half to 2 minutes total.

    Add 20 drops of Rose Absolute essential oil and a half of teaspoon of gold mica powder. Stir well.

    Wait at least an hour for the lavender soaps so harden. Then pop them out of the mold and place them in the middle of the empty bar soap molds. Then slowly pour the melted gold soap around the lavender shaped soap.

    If you notice any bubbles on the top after pouring, you can give it a quick spray of isopropyl alcohol and the bubbles disappear. That ensures a nice smooth bottom to your soap.

    Let the bars fully cool before attempting to pop them out of the mold. I’d wait for a few hours.

    Here is one bar after it is cooled – I just love the pink and clear layers with the gold accent!!!! This looks like very fancy soap that was super easy to make!!!

    The little bit of extra effort to make an inner shape that is a different color combined with the gold mica powder makes these just beautiful!

    If you are making these for a gift, then be sure to get your free printable soap labels! You can print out 5 per page! Just fill out the form below and the pdf file will show up in your inbox.

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