Easy Summer Hairstyle

Ayse Acun
by Ayse Acun

When the sun is beaming down, you just have to get your hair off your face!

Here is an easy summer hairstyle that keeps you cool but still shows off your gorgeous locks.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair comb
  • Hair elastic
Tying front section of hair

1. Make a front section

Start with a center part, and create a small section from the hair right in the middle at the front.

Pull that section down into a little triangle and secure it with a small hair elastic at the point of the triangle.

Now just leave it there - you’ll come back to it later.

Combing hair

2. Section the sides

On one side of your head, take a small section of hair from right behind the base of the front triangle section, and make a clean part right below it.

Tying section of hair

Pull that section into a triangle similar to your first one, and secure it with a hair elastic.

Making a flipped ponytail

3. Make a flipped ponytail

With your fingers, create a hole in that second section of hair, right above the hair elastic.

Making a flipped ponytail

Then, pass your ponytail through that hole by flipping it up over the hair elastic, and down through the hole.

Pulling ponytail through

Pull the whole ponytail through and you have essentially rolled in the sides of that triangular hole.

Adding another flip to the hair

3. Add another flip

Now, take one section of fair from in front of the flipped ponytail, and another section from behind it, and make a new ponytail with a hair elastic, just below the previous one.

Adding another flip to the hair

Repeat step 2 to make another flipped ponytail.

Repeat on the other side of your head.

Easy summer hairstyle

Easy summer hairstyle

Release your center section of hair so it frames your face beautifully, while the rest is fashionable and kept off your face so you stay cool in the summer heat.

If you liked this easy summer hairstyle, leave a comment to let me know!

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