EASY TRICK- Get the Most Out of All You're Cosmetic Tubes.

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Hello upstyler's

I've stumbled across a little trick tonight,

Maybe it's been done before?

"if not I could be the first to try & share? 😜

Correct me if I'm wrong plz.

How to get the most out of our cosmetic tubes.

So after a beautiful relaxing bath.

Came my usual routine.

My tanning cream.

Looking, I thought I will not have enough "why have I not replaced this.

But further thinking, "I looked at one little item that would change this.

I tried to squeeze this tube with my hands, I was only getting little bits out plus it was very hard.

I would be lucky if I had enough to do my arms let alone all my body!

Putting it into the bin is where I would normally put it.

Untill this trick....

Below is my self tanning Lotion

You will need

1 long Bobby pin. (Hair pin).

Slide it on to the top of the tube of lotion

Tightly hold the end of the hair pin

And slide it down the tube

You will feel the cream inside sliding down.

I got to do my full body, with the remaining cream, that I saved.

Especially my legs.

And there's more left. Below.

I was surprised how much I got out of this tube. Considering it felt empty.

It really shows how much we throw away.

Use the Bobby pin trick for any cosmetic tube, and be surprised how much you will get.

Hope this trick helps you.

As it did with me.

Thank you kindly

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