Cute and Easy Updo for a Wedding Guest

by Laineymariebeauty
2 Materials
10 Minutes

If you are heading to a wedding, and want a stunning easy updo that’s perfect for a wedding guest, this updo tutorial is for you!

In a few easy steps you will rock the glamor.

Tools and materials:

  • 2 hair elastics
  • Bobby pins
Making ponytail

1. Make a ponytail

Separate out a front section of hair on one side only, and put the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

Making bun

2. Make a bun

Pull the top of your ponytail through a hair elastic to make a small bun.

Making braids

3. Make braids

Separate the remaining ponytail into two sections, and braid each section.

Wrapping braids

4. Wrap your braids

Tie the ends of your braids together with a hair elastic.

Wrapping braid

Criss-cross the braid at the end near your bun, bring your braid down over the bun, and push your bun through the hole in the criss-crossed braid.

Wrapping braid

Pull the remaining ponytail below your bun to tighten it, and then use your fingers to slightly loosen the braid.

Twisting hair

Twist any remaining ends of your ponytail and tuck them into the bun. 

Bobby pin your bun to hold it in place.

Making side braid

5. Make a side braid

Braid the hair you had left out at the front. 

Pinch and pull to slightly loosen the braid.

Wrapping braid

Drape that braid right on top of your first braid and wrap it around your bun.


Twist any loose ends of hair and tuck them into your bun.

Pinning hair

Place bobby pins underneath your bun and above your braid to secure everything in place.

Easy updo for wedding guest

Easy updo for wedding guest

Here is your finished wedding guest updo from the back.

Easy updo for wedding guest

And this is how it looks from the side.

It’s so glamorous, everyone will think you’ve been to a salon!

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Suggested materials:
  • 2 hair elastics
  • Bobby pins

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