Deep Conditioning Hair Mask for Fine Hair. Simple Hack Save Money💯

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Season greetings to all.

NO NEED TO BUY EXPENSIVE shampoo for fine hair.

I had shampoo bottles with little bits left over, decluttering my bathroom

I grabbed these bottles, to place into the bin but they had bits leftover in the bottom it would be such a waste especially with the cost of living!

I decided I would make a hair mask using the bits left over.

I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner, there's 3 bottles in total.

Making the most out my shampoo

Below are the bottles

I've used this a lot of years.

They are nearly empty

You will need a metal bowl. Tap the bottles into the bowl.

All 3 bottles gave me a great amount of product, to think I was putting this into the bin! It would've been such a waste!

First begin by adding MCT coconut oil to your shampoos

Then add Vitamin E

Take out one capsule and put it into your shampoo

I added two tablespoons of mct.

Mix everything together really well.

Till it looks very creamy

For storage I just so happen to have an old glass jar from some yogurt I bought. It came in very handy to store this mix in.

I place my shampoo mixture into the glass pot

I added a bow to make it look pretty

And there we have a shampoo hair mask that will work great for fine hair and help scalp hair follicles with the added vitamin e, it as natural antioxidant effects that could assist with hair growth,

MCT is also great for hair for thickness, and shine

Adding the mask to your hair. apply to roots to the very ends.

You could leave it in all night.


Apply to dry hair, leave for at least 30 mins or let it dry and wash it of,

Your hair will feel fuller and the mct oil will make it shine.

Your hair will be much softer once a week would be good for the scalp

Making this out of little bits of leftover shampoo from older bottles is a good way of getting the most out of each bottle we use.

Hope you enjoyed this fast easy way to make a shampoo hair mask for fine hair vitamin e and mct is wonderful for our hair and scalp.

To buy this would be costly with the additives I added. A must try!

Very easy indeed.

Hope you try

Merry Christmas


Suggested materials:
  • Used shampoo bottles   (Asda)
  • Mct coconut oil   (Holland and barrett)

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  • Phyll Phyll on Jan 07, 2023

    Louise,When you think your shampoo/conditioner bottles are empty leave them upside down overnight then cut the bottle near to the opening ,you’ll be amazed how much product is still in the container. Use your finger to scrape it out then use as you want .

    • Hello phyll, yep I leave them upside down overnight, getting the most of the remaining shampoo ect,

      To be honest I was sick of looking at the nearly empty bottles, so I just made a hair mask to gain space in the bathroom, and for my fine hair, lol I did use my fingers to scrape it out also.

      Thanks phyll


  • Debbie Debbie on Jan 07, 2023

    Pantene is one of the worse shampoos to use on your hair. The pantenol in the shampoo coats your hair and will make it greasy.

    Coconut oil is even worse. If you use hot styling tools, it will cause your hair to burn and break. It has a low flash point. It also will form a barrier on your hair, so if you use hair coloring, the color cannot penetrate the coconut oil.

    • Hi debbie

      You can use your own used shampoo bottle and just add vitamin e?

      I've found coconut oil works wonders on my hair, I do rince throughly with cold water if that makes any difference?