How to Style Flare Jeans Three Ways in the Fall

by Abigailfordstyle
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Jeans….Let’s all face it, we have a love and hate relationship with wearing blue jeans. We have seen so many styles over the years with jeans come and go then come back again over and over. One style of denim jeans that seems to never go anywhere Is that of Flare jeans or Bellbottoms if you want to call it. I, personally, am a child of the 90s’ so I have seen the straight leg jeans, the skinny jeans, the wide leg jeans, you name it, I’ve seen it. However, thinking through my life time, flare jeans are the one style of jeans that have always been on the shelves and readily available to purchase. Even over the last few years when skinny jeans were the “it” jeans, people still wore flare jeans. I believe there is a reason for this. Flare jeans look amazing dressed up and worn with some sort of heel and they are not nearly as uncomfortable as most jeans are. I am going to share three different looks this fall that you can wear with your flared jeans that you most likely have on hand tucked away in your closet!

Oversized cardigan with flare jeans

The first look is certainly adorable and is a head-turner. This look is simple, yet it has a dressy vibe to it. These jeans can be purchased at Altar’d State and are the most comfortable jeans because they are very stretchy yet form fitting. I styled these jeans with an oversized camel cardigan from Amazon, a simple black tank top, western style boots and a fall hat!

Elegant blouse with flare jeans

This next look is also so simple and yet looks so classy and dressy. I took a dainty blouse with lots of embroidered detail and paired it with these jeans. This is a great look to wear to the office on “Jean day” or out on a date night. The blouse is from Amazon.

The final look is a winter sweater front tucked into these high waisted jeans. This is another excellent look to wear to work or to wear to a party, church event or so on. It certainly is perfect of a chilly day! This sweater is available on Amazon! I styled it with ankle high booties.

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  • Jeans from Altar’d State, Amazon tops

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