How to Style the Same Sweater Three Unique Ways

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Whenever I find a piece that is super flattering, fashionable, and comfy, I need to have it in every colour! If you feel the same way, you might notice that it's really easy to get into the habit of wearing the same outfit but in a slightly different colour and never switching it up. If you're interested in spicing up the same piece multiple ways, I'm going to share with you my favourite knit sweater and three different and unique ways to style it!

Casual Style with Denim

In this first look I styled the knit sweater very simply with a pair of denim.

This is a great option for a more casual and toned down outfit, but leaves room to play with accessories. In this case, I paired the green knit with a bright white mini bag and pulled my hair into a ponytail. This is a great way to style the knit for a casual afternoon.

Layering with a Dress

Next, I've paired the same knit, but in yellow, underneath of a dress. The colour of the knit matched some of the yellow tones in the pattern of the dress and worked perfectly to add some warmth to an otherwise light outfit. This is a perfect way to style some of your summer pieces into the cooler fall weather while still allowing the lighter piece to stand out. I like this approach when I don't want to cover my piece in layers like I would with a cardigan or jacket.

Dressed up with a Skirt

This final look is one of my favourites! I tucked in the bottom hem of the sweater into a crop top that I wore underneath to create a cropped look, then added a mini skirt and knee high boots. I also grabbed a shoulder bag to match with the black boots and skirt. This method of styling is a great way to dress up the sweater and would be perfect for a girls night out or a date night. If you wanted to add some warmth to this style, I would recommend adding a pair of tights to provide some more coverage on your legs.

These tips can be used to style pieces you already own or you can shop similar products to what I've used using the links below.


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