Fix Dark Circles and Eye Wrinkles

by Shalini

Stress and lack of sleep can take a toll on the under-eye area. Try out this DIY turmeric for dark eye circles and under eye wrinkles with me and enjoy fresh eyes in 15 days.

Disclaimer: When applied to the skin, turmeric can sometimes cause temporary staining, so please proceed with caution! You may wish to use slightly less turmeric than the recipe recommends.

Tools and materials:

  • Grinding stone
  • Rose water
  • 3 soaked almonds
  • Wild turmeric
  • Small glass bowl
  • Vitamin E capsule
Turmeric eye cream

1. Rub rose water and almonds on a grinding stone

Pre-soak 3 peeled almonds in water until soft. Pour about 5-10 drops of rose water onto a grinding stone.

Adding rose water to grinding stone

Rub the almonds in the rose water to create a white paste.

Making a paste

2. Grind the wild turmeric

Grind a piece of wild turmeric on the stone in the paste.

Adding turmeric

Then remove the paste with your finger, into a small, glass bowl.

Adding turmeric

3. Add vitamin E oil

Release the contents of 1 vitamin E capsule into the mixture.

Adding vitamin E

4. Mix and store

Mix well and store in the refrigerator.

Storing DIY eye cream

5. Apply

Apply your DIY dark eye circle turmeric cream under and around your eyes before going to sleep.

Applying DIY eye cream

Massage it for 5 minutes around your eyes until it’s absorbed. Then leave the remaining paste there overnight to work its magic.

Applying DIY eye cream

Gently remove any residue with a wet cotton ball in the morning. Repeat the application for a total of 15 days and enjoy bright, young skin under your eyes!

Bright under eye after DIY eye cream

Turmeric for dark eye circles

If you’re looking for a solution to dark circles and wrinkles under and around your eyes, try this turmeric paste for dark eye circles. Let me know about your results in the comments!

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