How to Sew Cozy and Fuzzy Bucket Hat

by Somethingflava
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2 Hours

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a DIY fuzzy bucket hat. This beginner-level project does not require much time or material.

I used cheetah fabric for an adorable fuzzy cheetah-print bucket hat, but of course, you can choose any pattern of fuzzy fabric you wish!

Tools and materials:

  • Fuzzy cheetah fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Bucket hat pattern
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
Bucket hat pattern

1. Cut out the pattern

Downland the pattern that consists of three pieces: the brim, the top of the hat and the hat band.

Cutting out pattern

Lay out all of your pieces on your fabric and cut them out. You just need one of each piece.

But, if you want the brim of your hat to be the same on the top and bottom, then cut out two brim pieces from your fuzzy fabric.

Cutting out pattern

For the lining, just cut out one top and one band piece.

Because we cut two brim pieces from the fuzzy fabric, we don’t have to cut a brim from the lining.

Making the brim

2. Make the brim

With right sides facing, fold both brim pieces, the band piece, and the band lining in half. Pin and sew those short open edges.

Making the brim

Mark the center fold of the brims and open them up.

Making the brim

With right sides facing, pin the two brim pieces together, lining up the seam and the other center point.

Then, sew around the entire outer edge.

Making the band

3. Make the band

Fold and mark four equidistant points on the hat band fuzzy fabric and lining so it will be easy to line them up together.

Attaching the band to the hat top

4. Attach the band to the hat top

With right sides together, pin the fabric hat band to the fabric top, and do the same with the corresponding lining pieces.

Attaching the band to the hat top

Sew the outer edges on the fabric and the lining.

Attaching the band to the hat top

Now the body (band) and the top of the hat are attached.

Attaching the brim

5. Attach the brim

With right sides facing, pin the brim to the body of the hat, and sew around the open edge.

Attaching the brim

Turn the hat inside out and fold the brim to the inside.

Attaching the lining

6.  Attach the lining

Place the lining into the inside of the hat so the right sides are all facing together. Pin the lining in place.

Attaching the lining

Sew all the way around that open edge leaving an open gap so you can turn the hat right-side out.

Attaching the lining

Turn the hat right-side out and sew the gap closed with a topstitch.

Completed fuzzy bucket hat

Fuzzy bucket hat

That’s it! Your cheetah-print fuzzy bucket hat is all finished. It’s stylish and warm at the same time, and really comfortable to wear.

Completed fuzzy bucket hat

Yep, it even looks pretty cute on my pooch!

I hope you try making your own DIY fuzzy bucket hat. Leave a comment to let me know how yours worked out (and if you made a matching one for your pet!)


Suggested materials:
  • Fuzzy cheetah fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Bucket hat pattern
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