GENIUS Hack for Adding Pearls to Your Hair

Ayse Acun
by Ayse Acun

You don’t have to use any fancy techniques or accessories to achieve a beautiful hairstyle with pearls in your hair. Follow along to check out a simple way to add pearls in your hair to virtually any hairstyle you like!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair elastics
  • Pearl beads

1. Attach pearls to hair elastics

Start by threading a pinched hair elastic through a pearl bead.

Attaching pearl to a hair elastic

Pull either end to elongate the elastic.

Attaching pearl to a hair elastic

Widen 1 side and stretch it over the pearl.

Attaching pearl to a hair elastic

2. Attach to your hair

With the pearl secured on 1 end and a loop at the other, you can attach this to small sections of hair or braids in many hairstyles.

Attaching pearl to a hair elastic

Make a bunch more or these pearl-beaded elastics and get creative! Here’s one cute hairstyle with pearls in the hair:

Adding pearls to braid

Adding pearls in your hair can add a little extra detail to an otherwise simple hairstyle!

Pearl braid hairstyle

Pearl braid hairstyle

I hope you enjoyed this pearls in hair tutorial and if you try it out, share your looks in the comments below! Next up, check out this easy trick for fixing your double braids.

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