Get Softer Feet Without Spending $ at the Spa

by Shikha

Where oh where did the $20 pedicures go? It feels like inflation has hit every aspect of life, including beauty. If you’re like me and tired of spending so much money at the salon then try my simple at home pedicure routine!

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First get a bucket of warm water ready and have a towel nearby so you don’t drip all over your home! Add a spoon of salt

Add two spoons of glycerin

What is glycerin? 

Glycerin is one of the most common ingredients in cosmetics. It’s just as common as water and fragrance. You’ll see a lot more people using it in its pure form because it’s a popular trend right now. Glycerin is not harmful, it’s actually a major ingredient in most lotions and moisturizers.

Add a generous spoonful of shampoo

Soak your feet for 15 minutes

Massage your foot with half of a lemon

In a small bowl mix the following ingredients: coffee powder, honey, and aloe vera.

Spread the mixture on your feet and let it stay for 10 minutes

Wash and dry your feet

Repeat this monthly for softer feet

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  • Bettye Johnson Bettye Johnson on Sep 21, 2022

    Yes,I'm gonna try it tonite.Thanks for the tip.

  • Beth Davis Beth Davis on Sep 22, 2022

    i have the worst trouble with callouses on my right foot and pedicures are expensive (and sometimes painful). i'm going to try this, thanks!