Glamorous Clown Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Shonagh Scott
by Shonagh Scott
9 Materials
2 Hours

In this tutorial, we will be doing glamorous clown makeup to complement those of you wearing a clown costume for Halloween. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Foundation
  • Face paint
  • Eyeshadow 
  • Liquid liner
  • Brow wax and sealant
  • Glitter and glue 
  • False lashes
  • Kohl liner
  • Matte lipstick
White face paint applied to jawline

1. Apply white face paint around the jawline

To paint the ruffle around the neck, use white face paint. Start around the jawline and pull that color down the neck, stopping about 2/3rds of the way down. Apply a couple of layers.

Red lines added to neck

2. Draw red lines on your neck

Next, take a dark red shade and roughly draw lines onto the neck. They need to be wider apart at the bottom, then get closer to each other as they come up towards the top of the neck.

Filling in red lines

3. Fill in 

Paint and fill in every other line with red. 

Drawing figure-8s

4. Draw figure-8s

Below the lines, draw a figure eight on its side. This is going to be the ruffles.

Adding shading

5. Shade

Shade each of the stripes to make them look three-dimensional. Do this by first applying black paint to define the seam between each stripe.

Then, use black eyeshadow down the seam. Use a gray-brown shade to create a nice gradient that fades from the black.

Applying white eyeshadow

6. Apply white eyeshadow to the center

Use white eyeshadow to the center of the red stripes to make it look more three-dimensional.

Filling in the figure-8s

7. Fill in the figure eights

Paint the center of the figure eights with white paint. 

Adding shading

8. Shade the figure eights

Shade the center of the ruffles to make it look like the centers are slightly darker due to the way the fabric’s been folded. 

Adding brown eyeshadow

9. Apply brown eyeshadow under the ruffles

Apply a small amount of brown eyeshadow underneath the ruffles to look like a shadow.

Flattening brows

10. Flatten your eyebrows with wax

Using wax, comb your brow hairs upwards and flatten them.

Applying sealant to brows

Use a spatula or cotton bud to apply the sealant over the wax.

Concealing brows

11. Conceal your brows

Apply a foundation over your dried, waxed brows to conceal them. Apply two layers, setting with translucent powder after each coat.

Drawing on brows

12. Draw on your brows

With an angled liner brush and red eyeshadow, draw in the eyebrows by creating a slight flick at the front and then dragging the shadow up above your natural eyebrows.

You want to make sure the arch is rounded but really high and curved like drag eyebrows. 

Drawing on brows

Draw another line that runs parallel to the arch and gets thinner at the tail, then color it in.

Adding glitter to brows

13. Apply glitter to the brows

This is glam clown makeup, so let's glitz up the eyebrows by applying glitter glue to your eyebrows and then pressing glitter to the glue.

Drawing a new eyelid

14. Draw on a new eyelid 

Using a brown eyeshadow, create a slightly curved triangular shape to draw on the new eyelid.

Drawing hat outline

15. Draw a pointy hat

Draw a triangle with black eyeshadow in the middle of the drawn eyelid and extend the tip of the triangle past the top of the brown to create a pointy hat.

Filling in the eyelid

16. Fill in the eyelid

Fill in the curved triangular eyelid with red eyeshadow.

Adding black eyeliner to lid

Then fill in the pointy triangle with a black liner. 

Lining lashes

17. Line your lashes for the brim of the hat

Line across the top lash line very close to the lashes to draw the brim of the hat.

Adding glitter to the lids

18. Glitter the lids

Apply the glitter glue first, then apply the glitter over the lid. 

Applying false eyelashes

19. Apply false lashes

Apply a quick coat of mascara and then put on false lashes.

Lining undereye

20. Line your undereye

Apply black kohl liner to the waterline and then blend out with red eyeshadow.

Adding red eyeshadow to cheeks

Use what’s left on the bristles to work the red eyeshadow down the cheek in a triangular shape and then smudge it with your finger.

Lining the eyelid

21. Line the eyelid 

Apply a small amount of the red eyeshadow around the glitter eyelid.

Lining eyelid

Curve it around the front and flick it upwards to mimic the eyebrows. Soften with your finger.

Smoking out waterline

22. Smoke out waterline

Smoke out the black liner on your waterline with black eyeshadow and pull it downwards.

Drawing triangle from eye

23. Draw another triangle

Create a point at the inner corner of the eye, then draw a triangle to mirror the top lid. Fill in.

Adding glitter

24. Apply glitter to the triangle

Dab some glitter glue around the triangle and then use a fluffy brush to press on some of the red glitter.

Overdrawing lips

25. Overdraw and extend your lips

Use a liquid matte lipstick to overdraw your lips. Fill in your natural shape first then overdraw and exaggerate it.

Extending lips

Extend it outwards using an angled liner brush.

Adding glitter to lips

26. Apply glitter to your lips


27. Contour with brown eyeshadow

Use brown eyeshadow to enhance the natural smile lines between the nose and the mouth.


Apply some from the outer corner of the mouth to the outer corner of the chin.

Contouring nose

Apply to the nose.

Contouring cheeks

As well as to the hollows of the cheeks.

Contouring eyebrows

Use it to create more expression around the eyebrows

Applying pink eyeshadow

28. Apply pink eyeshadow

Apply the same red-pink eyeshadow to the apples of the cheeks.

Painted nose

29. Paint the nose

Apply a red circle of paint to the nose.

Completed glamorous clown makeup

Glamorous clown makeup

Here’s the finished clown Halloween makeup! This clown makeup tutorial is long but so worth it if you want to look and feel great this Halloween. Let me know what you think down below!

Suggested materials:
  • Foundation
  • Face paint
  • Eyeshadow
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