Going on Vacation? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Take With You!

by Chessiebaystyle
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Going on Vacation? Here are 5 things you need to take with you!

https://rstyle.me/+n_xfQYtJFdrRSuXHsA32FA All year I wait for vacation. Literally from the time we leave the beach I am longing to go back. If you are like our family we go to the beach, to go to the beach. We spend 7 full days on the beach and come back up for dinner. We MAY go out once or twice but other than that we are swimming, building sandcastles, and enjoying the family time. Since we pack half of our house to enjoy our beach vacation, it is important that I stream line my wardrobe packing (which is soooo hard for me!). Below I listed the top 5 most important things I need for all of my vacations.

  1. A cover up and nice pair of sunnies

We are beach people. By that I mean, we go to the beach around 9 am and we come back up around 3 pm. We try and spend as many hours on the beach as we possibly can. It is so important that I have a way that I can easily over up my swimsuit and run up to the house, go for a walk, or even run out to pick up some food for lunch. This gorgeous cover up is from Mint Julep Boutique (linked the shop). This is unfortunately sold out but they have so many amazing and cute options to quickly cover your suit but still look adorable!

As far as sunglasses are concerned, I used to be a totaly Ray-ban snob. I was recently turned on to Quay Australia sunnies. Not only are they WAY cheaper, but they have so many super cute styles! These particular sunglasses are tortoise shell brown with a little red on the top. They are so cute and go with so many different pieces in my closet!

2. A cute/functional swimsuit and beach bag

So I am the mom that you may see reading on the beach OR boogie boarding in the ocean. I love all things beach so I definitely need a swimsuit that can withstand waves, sand, chasing kids, etc. This cute swimsuit is from SHEIN and they have some amazing swimsuits available. They are wonderfully pried (avg $20), durable, and functional. ( link to my swimsuit).

My beach bag is perfect for storing my phone, my book, sunscreen, and any other important items (note this is a bag just for me... my kids have an entire CART of their stuff! hahaha). This cutie bag from Amazon is great for the sand but also is cute enough to use outside of your beach/pool days. Check out this great bag here!

3. Cute beachy lounge wear

As I stated above, we spend a lot of time at the beach. The little time we do spend off of it is spent cooking and relaxing (usually with some wine :) ). Most of what I pack for the beach is build for comfort, but that doesn't necessarily mean it can't be cute too!

I am always on the look out for cute, beachy lounge wear. This year Loft really met those expectations. This set is so cute and is covered with tropical palms and flowers. It is lightweight and perfect for those beach nights. Although it is super comfy (practically feels like pajamas) it is super cute and can def be worn outside of the house (unlike my actual jammies). DIRECT LINK TO THIS SET

4. A cute graphic tee

There really is nothing better than a cute graphic tee! My favorite are the ones that have cute little vacation sayings on them. My two favorite boutiques ( Pink Lily and Mint Julep ) carry the cutest shirts. This shirt is from Mint Julep boutique and I love the cute saying on it. I can wear it with leggings, shorts, a cute skirt, really anything! Its perfect for those chill nights at the beach! (t-shirt is sold out but the links above have some other AMAZING options!)

5. An outfit for a night out

Although we spend a lot of time chilling and beaching, we usually go to dinner at least once (maybe twice depending on how much we need a break from cooking and cleaning!). Although most of the things I pack are for comfort but I need to take at least one outfit that can transition to a casual dinner scene. My favorite thing to wear in the summer is a lightweight kimono. Kimonos are easy to dress up but their comfort level is amazing. I also usually pack on pair of dressy sandals that can be worn to chase after kids but look nice enough to go out.

This kimono is from S implee Sweet Boutique (If you use code Chessie15 you will get 15% off your purchase!), the shorts and tank are from Old Navy, and the sandals are Steve Madden!

I hope that you were able to get some good ideas on how to streamline your packing and make sure you have what you need for an awesome beach vacation! If you want more outfit and accessory ideas follow me at Chessiebaystyle on LTK. Thanks for reading lovies!

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